FIFA 19 Gameplay Changes – What’s Confirmed So Far? New Shooting, Custom Tactics, and More!

FIFA 19’s Gameplay Producer, Sam Rivera, tells us all he can about the confirmed gameplay changes coming to FIFA 19, including the new timed shots, 50/50 challenges, how first touch has changed, and the in-depth new custom tactics works.

While he’s here Sam also takes the opportunity to confirm that there is no team momentum or scripting in FIFA! Even though you might feel like there is when you concede in the 89th minute…

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5007Finest says:

Same comments about same game every year.
People expecting space ships carrying players passing the ball with a canon. ffs it’s a football game they can’t change much. Only improve lil bits on game play etc. But do agree things like career mode need a overhaul.

Yeezy Breezy says:

i wonder when we are getting a fifa street mode, thats every fifa fans dream, but no ea wants to decide whats best for us…. typical EA… we don’t want to play just regular matches, we want have fun on the side too, win win

Mo san says:

Gameplay changes hahaha
Nice joke

Jamie Shields says:

So basically
………. scripting confirmed. That was a very long winded way to say it wasn’t in the game which sounded like it actually was with the “wind, air ECT.. .” Ha ha good ol fifa

Ed Corsi says:

Remove the way that 99% of the shots you take get blocked by a magical Ryan Shawcross

Jon Van Herenhuis says:

FIFA is a guilty pleasure of mine considering I’m not a big football fan.

What would really love is the ability to create my own team, customise my own kit and fill it with custom characters (like, me and my mates). I’d also love to be able to use it in online play against my friends (like, a setting in online that says whether you can use custom teams or not). That’d really bring FIFA up tons for a casual player, like me.

Wavey mofo says:

Not that many skills work IG so I just have to use one foot dribbling

Chris Ex says:

Just 2 Things: Please get the ball size right, it hasn’t been right since fifa16. And then since you’re locked at ‘normal’ speed for online play, please have separate settings/values for the ‘slow’ game speed that are CONSISTENT and left alone whenever you tweak things for online. Everything should have “weight”, and when you tweak ball/animation speed this can be affected in a bad way. And can we get back some teammate defending AI for offline maybe? It’s tiring trying to manage all 11 players at once because “skillz”.

Paul O'Hara says:

Fix the online cheating in head to head seasons.Too many cheats using speed boost glitches.

PES MOTD says:

Looks very promising.

Neo Nazi Ned says:

That 50/50 tackling just sounds like a game mechanic that will allow the ball to deflect out, straight to the opposition player which is clean through, not what we need.

Eiluniey Nadzri says:

I don’t like when I tackle even in the first minute, I still get a yellow card. It’s weird you know, ref should give a warning first in my opinion tho.. Change that, then I might be thinking to get the 19 next season.

Danny Bones says:

“Maybe it’s because you’re used to playing with your Ultimate Team..” – Shows they still assume everyone ONLY wants to play FUT. No mate, some of us are disgusted at the years of neglect on Career Mode. For this reason a whole community is being turned away from Fifa. I understand FUT is where they make their money but come on, stop disrespecting your customers.

Trickysiddny says:

I wonder if they’ve added any new icons to the game? I would love a steven gerrard icon, but obviously they can’t make it because he’s gonna be a manager in fifa 19

clive hakaperi says:

Fifa 17 update 19.01

Tenshi says:

DO something with career mode dammit

Wavey mofo says:

The skill moves won’t work bro

Jonah Paris says:

I stopped playing Fifa when UT essentially became a pay to play mode. They’re abit too money grabbing for my liking; if I get back into a footballing game, it’s going to be PES for me.

MadApplepine says:

Who cares, The Elder Scrolls VI is here

t m says:

We need better fluidity and legendary difficulty should be harder

xjay1234 says:

When I park the bus I want my ENTIRE team deep infront of the goal

Alper Yasarata says:

What about despacito 2?

Jeevan 2799 says:

New year, same BS


No hand ball 7/10-IGN

Luis straniero says:

there is a confirmed date for the launch of fifa 19?

theste99 says:

Will pro clubs work this time ?

Sanjay Devit says:

How the game comes doesn’t mean anything they’ll just bless everyone with a shambolic update and turn it into a joke like every year

Joel Williams says:

What about the option to buy GK gloves like we do for boots???

Phil Marshall says:

Pace isn’t great in Fifa 18 if you play against someone who can defend.

Acemaker says:

Hope to see career mode fixed

Teis says:

This is actually the same…so sad.

Yudha Prasastya says:

Why madrid?

Gonner Guy says:

Without gameplay this is pointless

tectac says:

Where are the other two videos showing off ‘ dreams’ that was promised for Saturday and today ?! Been waiting all weekend and checking to see if you uploaded them or not ! The ‘dreams’ community need their next fix ….PLEASE ..


FIFA 19 is just a reskin of FIFA 18… FIFA is too repetitive. You guys deserve more from EA than this.

Markus Leinonen says:

How many fifa games are they gonna make?!

Bill Beis says:

its sad that the best football game is rocket league…

pifpafpuf says:

I will not buy FIFA 19 because it will just be FIFA 18 with Champions League. EA will promise things but buyers will probably be disappointed again, because EA do not deliver and do not care. EA only care about profits, so they only care about Ultimate Team because of microtransactions. If you do not belive me then look up how EA handled Star Wars Battlefront 2, it shows what kind of company EA is.

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