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Jerver Castro says:

I got it yestorday and it is so cool

Thomas Ethridge says:

He ran a horrible formation.

Jason Kitching says:

Judging a game on semi-pro difficulty WTF seriously

The Reactor Boss TRB says:


Vlad Mic Oprea says:

Mai postează si pe canalul în limba română!!!

Milanista 1899 says:

Come on Ovvy you played on a very easy diffuclty semi pro

MoinUddin Ahmed says:

Why can’t i access the other modes of fifa 19 demo? Please reply ASAP!

Ephraim Mukalenga says:

I played

Tyler F'in F says:

am i the only one who is not enjoying this fifa at all? no fun

kendanielone says:

I wish some of these gameplay videos featured smaller clubs.

Raul Ramirez says:


FutHead Underdog says:

What do you call a pokemon who isn’t very fast? A slow-poke! 🙂 Did i make you smile? Then please leave a like on one of my videos or sub to my channel!

AnoMade says:

Fifa did a good job in copying PES in certain aspects.

dilpreet singh says:

Didn’t feel any difference

Marqus Lx says:

Liverpool reach in the final and its not in demo ,rly ea?

Siira Rubu says:

One would think, the guy who posts tutorials would start the game at at least professional level. Come on, man! Why you do this?

Gsu Andre says:

i can see people who are bad at fifa never notice the difference of gameplays in new fifas, maybe that why they are bad in first place.

Blyat Blyat says:

i do think the gameplay is a bit better now, not much but better. Its harder to score goals now as the GK could actually save. Finesse and driven shots not that op anymore.

David Goliath says:

New menu colors!!! New songs!!! Same 70€ shit game

Ionut Cristian says:

Esti Roman?

Slizzite says:

looking at the gameplay makes u think its the same as fifa 18.
but trust me once you play it it feels so liquid smooth.
Fifa’s not all about graphics…

Sophia Raducan says:

Again semi-pro..



teo zorbas says:

This is not gameplay like real football this is a fake guys

teo zorbas says:

Pes have the second 4 years now copy paste FIFA .pes have tactics huge in the line and players in the box copy paste FIFA .pes have the first driven pass people don’t like it but FIFA players like it now FIFA copy paste .pes have the first tunnel animation FIFA copuly paste .pes have the first 3 formation u can change it in the match FIFA copy paste wow so many things copy paste by FIFA sad very sad

Itz Me Nikku says:

Who else plays it on the switch boizzz?

zburatorul 66 says:

In romana nu faci?

201bobbydrake says:

Is it me or do players feel slow a defender can chat players like mbappa way too easy

Brandon Thompson says:

how do you play it !

Jimi Chi says:

Still no fouling? By either team?

Dennis Man says:

Make a pes 19 career with Steaua bucharest

Ultra Instinct says:

brother why u playin on semi pro

PsychoBackflip says:

Graphics look decent ? LOL This is the best Fifa has ever looked! Gameplay wise I find it a lot more responsive than 18. I don’t know about timed shots yet but they do NOT seem easy to pull off.

Riham Medhat says:

I play fifa 19 yes

Bernard Zlebic says:

on what level did you played that game?

Mahdi Yz says:

It got too fast , they are trying to make it at least “not unlike pes” so they get pes fans as well as the lisence. to many changes for a year for a year

George Kendrick says:

u are a god at this game I just sub because of that amazing gameplay

Dorian Garcia says:

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