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Jazib Khan says:

U can perform driven finish by holding r1+L1+shoot
I performed nice finishing with it. These are the new controls

Dikke Boktoren1half says:

Every Xbox player is pissed in the comments.I think the gameplay feels really nice and better then Fifa 18.

CR 7 says:

Hey guys, can you answer me this, I’m not sure what to do, in FIFA 19, when it actually comes out, I was thinking of starting a player career first, and then move up through the ranks, from like starting from a mid table team in a low devision, into becoming a top Premier League player, like everyone’s player careers, but when I want to retire, I will continue as a manager, and that’s where my manager career will start, thanks, please give me feedback, oh and I would like to make manager career realistic, like not just go ahead and manage Real Madrid, or Juventus, no, in player career, your forced to pick any low division team to manage, so I will manage like Blackburn rovers or something, so then I will get more offers fro, bigger clubs as I do better for Rovers, and then make it like a manager journey, like Lopetgui didn’t just straight out get the Real job, he managed many other clubs, such as Mourinho and Guardiola did, all managers did, well not Zidane, he went out managing Castilla for 2 years then Madrid, and just managing Real Madrid for the 15 seasons your allowed to be a manager, it will get so boring, just winning La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, over and over again, no, I will win many different competitions from different countries! So now give me your feedback, thanks!

mgpant mg says:

Just I played the demo fifa 19 and is very good I’m looking forward to get the full version I wish to could play the full version from now

Multi Enthusiast says:

Someone use Roma for fucks sake!

Fuad Phenomenon says:

lets be honest…..FIFA 18 had better gameplay. Like if you agree

Abdul Karimi says:

Looks good at least better than Pes

Arbeli Rozenberg says:

EA to fans- if u don’t like it don’t buy it.
Me- ok the demo sux anyway

Andru Sanchez says:

Bro what country are you from that voice is annoying

kago mburu says:

Semi Pro……really???

Zackry STUURMAN says:

Can you guys check out my vid on fifa 19

Moroccan Gamer Ps4 says:

Still arcade with pin pon passes the game is too fast even if you slow it down, sorry man ur not gamer u said over hyped cmon dude…give Pes a try

Scott powell says:

You have the perfect voice for announcing Eurovision scores

Hoity says:

I loved it, fluid, realistic, not so stupidly fast with the passing, feels more like a game of football. Deffo going to buy but when you go online that’s when you know…..

ben sher says:

pure bullshit here

Sean Alexander says:

Iv enjoyed what I’ve played but will be completely different playing online

Multi Enthusiast says:

Playing through the field looks so simple and effortless. Tactical defending is the only thing I like about fifa anymore. And I only bought fifa for use of Europa league and mls. Pes has more creativity in build up than fifa. But fifa looks more vibrant.

Marco Palmeri says:

This guy just exploits gameplay and plays unrealistically. Look at how he passes. What team passes like that in real life? It’s a joke. Then he posts videos of how good he is. He takes advantage of automatic passing where he can ping pong passes all day without ever turning over the ball. Play on semi or manual if you want an authentic experience. The way this guy plays is a joke.

StrangeLIFE Gamer says:

Support my channel on fifa 19 bro
I an new so i need a bit support

bossdr3w says:

Check fifa setting at the beginning. As long as you have your controls on assisted how much are YOU really playing. Normally if you do t have pass assist on, it would mean if you have to shield the ball while charging up your pass to get it to your other player if you have an opponent trying to get the ball off you. Just hit pass with assisted and the ball is going straight across the field. How beast are most fifa players if by default the settings are on assisted?

ii_opking_ii says:

Wait I need this game! Even if it demo cool!

Rafael-Mathéus Schöll Magalhães says:

The demo is so shit!
Why are the players so stiff?
& They can’t shoot

Retro-nep youtube says:

Fifa 19 is still horrible

MilesAnastasios87 says:

Gameplay really sucks! This is for kids or for people with shallow understanding of football.


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Omar Ahmed says:

wait what the timed finishing is really easy i didnt miss it once

Aj so Cool says:

Can I add u on PS4

Mr T says:

The game is garbage. Just FIFA 17 (yes 17] patched up. PES 19 feels a lot more like football though FIFA’s presentation is top notch.

dwayne mallon says:

Is the champions league in career mode

Kaan Ekinci says:

amazing…. he didnt even try driven shoot and make a video

Ingvar guðbergsson says:

Ur vioce is so annoying

Guilherme Magalhães says:

is there any reason to use the timing finish instead of the regular finish?

supr Nova says:

This is the first FIFA I’m not going to buy. No update to career mode, and the game literally looks the exact same as FIFA 17. EA making us look like fools.

Falconhoof says:

Looks awful

amir0013 says:

Look like pes

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