FIFA 19 DEMO GAMEPLAY | Manchester United vs Real Madrid (FIFA 19 Champions League Gameplay)

Here today I’ve got for the the FIFA 19 Demo, where I play as Manchester United vs Real Madrid in the Champions League!

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The wait is almost over! FIFA 19 releases worldwide on September 28, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Pre-order* now to get incredible offers, including three days early access with the Ultimate and Champions Editions. Plus, give your FIFA Ultimate Team™ squad an early upgrade with special pre-order bonuses and FUT items.


Keivi Bila says:

I like it

ola ola says:

It feels like Pes

BurningChaos says:

I find it weird that at 6:33 it has a playstation advertisement on xbox

Ashley Spate says:

It could be a decent game but it’s absolute shite. There aren’t any fouls. Not one in the whole match. It’s just end to end rubbish.

Rafin Rahman says:

This year I can say that pes is way better than this shitty arcady fifa

Someone Someone says:

Yeah pes looks more realistic.i prefer pes

reggie gimmix says:

A thing I’ve always noticed about Fifa…the ball looks slightly smaller than it should be. …or is it me. like this when the ref picks up the ball … it looks really small in his massive hands, and even during gameplay I’ve always felt it looked quite small.

youssef janati idrissi says:

if you spoted differences from Fifa 18 , call me

paras haider says:

PES 19 is much better

AlexM2K says:

Lee Dixon sounds a lot like Jim Beglin lol

Nufclegend says:

Overall the demo is a mixed bag for me. Few things I like and a few things I don’t.

Laxman.M Shettigar says:

Lol gameplay

Daron Wiafe says:

thanks for choosing Man U(for the career mode) mate, I’m a full time red devil

Ronald Lagos says:

mate looks awful

Charlie Silveston says:

Commentary is awful

Farhan Castro says:

New kits,New faces,new graphics,new animation everything is fine.
But why the gameplay looks same like fifa 18?

Visca Barca says:

Mine is downloadning now… have been waiting for so long for the store to open again and now finally it has begun!! Now to wait 45 mins… good you made a vid <3

Darwisy Muhammad says:

Do you get to keep the fifa 19 demo forever eventhough the actual one already came out?

Farhan Ahsan Mahin says:

Lee Dickson

Alli Aprilyan says:


Rackane Allen says:

How comes it don’t come out in Xbox and wen does it come out

Charlie Silveston says:

Commentary is awful

Daryl says:

6:55 it sounds like someone shouted: ”CHRIST!” xD

pewd diepie says:

Can u do with Barcelona pslssss last year u did with Man i

Cleyman says:

I don’t know somehow the gameplay looks really chaotic to me… Players just constantly sprinting around without any positioning or tactics. I mean stop the video for example at 6:06 and look at where the players are standing… It’s just so random. It’s just a sprint fest from goal to goal in most occasions. So I’m going to stick with just PES this year even if the licensing, presentation and modes are better, I just can’t get over the (imo) poor arcadey gameplay :/

Jacob Damien says:

The gameplay looks so smooth (I say this nearly every new release cause of the new kits and very slight adjustments)!!!! I’m crazy excited for the Man Utd career mode, your Man Utd series are the absolute best 10/10 AND thanks for the upload It made me wanna download the demo AND I KNOW MY GRAMMAR IS BAD BLAME MY EXCITEMENT

Bungle Bongle says:

Is anyone else sick to death of the same bastard menu screens? I get dejafuckinvu every year it’s released. They can’t change the look of a football pitch that much so at least change the bloody menu screens and make it look as if we’re playing a new game ffs. Year after year with these ‘franchise’ games charging over £50 for a couple of tweaks here and there to the match engine. I swear one year they slow the match down the next year speed it back up again and just add a couple of new animations to the game. Fuckers.

AlexM2K says:

To turn off the trainer, you click R3. (or L3 can’t remember lol)

Neeraj V B says:

FIFA has 8x more sales and thus more profit than PES. And still they come up with this shitty gameplay. If KONAMI gets the same budget as EA does, they’ll come up with a game 10x better than FIFA. Plz support PES guys

Dog 6ix9ine says:

Is demo ?

Zaffan Erawadi says:

de gea’s face…. come on ea

Carlos Valverde says:

PS4 banner on Xbox One, looks lit

Craig Barlow says:

Mine is ready now on PS4 🙂

Pablo Aguilera says:

You know what I am happy that I purchased PES 2019 this year. I just try the FIFA 19 demo and the gameplay is just horrible, and that’s a nice word to use. I just deleted it. This game is for kids super arcade. If you are happy with cinematics and licences go for FIFa if you want a close simulation football game go for PES

potatopotatopotato says:

looks shit compared to pes

Ahmed Abdelfatah says:

is it me or their heads looks out of proportion with their bodies?

Jatko Useinoski says:

Lol PS4 pro advertisements on an Xbox

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