FIFA 19 | Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur | Premier League Gameplay |

FIFA 19 | Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur | Premier League Gameplay |

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Luchinolux Tv says:

Hey 🙂 I am a new youtuber starting a fifa career… today I posted my first fifa video… I would really appreciate it if you took 5 minutes to take a look at my latest video and maybe sub 🙂

Chilled Out says:

Fifa is better than pes

Matthew Hill says:

This guy playing is suck

Shrek says:

FIFA 18 is better
Centering and defending is horrible. Also the players are slow. They can’t run fast

wicked gamer wizard says:

on ps u alwais get the best team winning

MingCR7 Gamer says:

Sub to my channel MingCr7 Gamer

gian zuniga says:

I like git

super1 saiyan01 says:

I have a doubt
Do we chose a single team at the start of the tournament and play all matches with that team and does our history get stored?
I want to know some details before buying

trent jenkins says:

i cant justify paying premium cash for this

Alex Espinosa says:

Guys go to Shadow_GGamer he does some nice gameplay y’all I definitely recommend him

Joy Goldfeder says:


tanveer bhatti says:

No it is not

AltoRíoSenguer says:


mkhinkulova says:

I think that fifa is better

TEAM DIFFERENT official says:

He’s trash

M Saminur Chowdhury says:


Danilo Blagojevič says:

Your so nad

K 77 says:

i hate how every ps4 game I look up it’s always gamers who are pissed about little ass details. Do y’all know how hard it is to even create a game from scratch?

Sarita Chhawri says:

Like for x box
Comment for ps

Mr Wiki Indonesia says:

So realistic

Kian Patel says:

Like what the ruck is that bar above when you shoot.fucking raged at this shit, 18 is so much better,

Caroline Swarbrick says:

Omg. You got destroyed by Chelsea as Tottenham. Not meaning to hate or disrespect, but you played doo-doo.

Glynn Hamer says:

The game was better 10 years ago. Got this today and I’m not impressed. Too laggy. Can some1 help??

Space Rock says:


Frédéric PAPIN says:

Amazing, Fifa 19 the Best

c8rbone Gamer says:

Fifa is better i think

Arta Khalvati says:


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