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pinkman punk says:

FIFA 18 with UCL mod

mustafa yilmaz says:

Already a glicth seen at 3:12 with Messi’s right sleeve. You can see his name on the back through his sleeve!

Gareth Heaton says:

Did you do a Europe League final as well?

chrisvillan88 says:

Good video mate, what difficulty is this on?

Leo says:

Don’t like the net physics… other than that it looks good.

KANE says:

Haven’t played since fifa 15, is it enough of a step up from then to get fifa 19?

Fr00zen 9 says:

Why cant they get the camp nou from års?!…

Gifted Fingers - Xavi says:

Thats not even know they celebrate. Where are the medals

Joe Purdell says:

9:38 ping pong

Fail Factory says:

looks like fifa 2000

Ł ë ğ ą đ ø 7 says:

5:14 luka modric es gay

Swanand Soman says:

Commentary doesn’t look real .. I don’t know but somehow sounds weird

Abdullah Altekreeti says:

That second goal though

Soma Chakraborty says:

Didn’t know EA and KONAMI made a deal


Gameplay speed looks good..

Your grammar might suck says:

Those players so realistic tho

Shady Tu Ta Loko says:

The trophy celebration still hasn’t Changed?? Now that’s Trashy

Ivo Brothers says:

The commentary is so annoying

JAY KAY says:

Does he play on PC or PS4???

Gerard del Barrio says:

Aren’t the original markers…

Ewan Hudson says:

Ches I’ve got a question. When the numbers and badges change due to competition, do the number colours co-ordinate to the kit colour. So if I get MK Dons promoted to the PL, do I have to deal with white numbers on a white shirt?

Ignacio Gobet says:

messi bangin’ madrid, at least it’s a realistic game

Durgesh Mahant says:

Ok …we’ll have to play to be absolutely sure…but believe me , fifa have recognised that the people are not idiots and understand the ball physics and gameplay….i hope this exact improvement in the gameplay is what fifa needs to make a comeback

Tehillah Ncube says:

can we see Chelsea vs man city

Muhammad Jeewa says:

When it is coming out

Ricardo Cunha says:

horrible this patches champions league over the la liga and sponsors… how much time the ea to fix it? ahahaha

drschplatt says:

Oh good…Champions League. Career Mode Changes? Nope. My player improvements? Nope. Improved AI? Nope. Squad Battle improvements? Nope.

Oh good…new graphics…oh, the celebration is exactly the same as ’18…

Screw EA.

Rakesh Cristoval says:

You sound like young w2s

Hasan Alsari says:

It’s looks like fifa 18 exactly!!!!!WTF bad defensive not realistic!

Plant based Will says:

Look good 🙂

xjay1234 says:

People that say *FIFA 18.1* and shit will be the same ones to buy FIFA 19 anyway! I see improvements!

Luis Rivas says:

Play in world class at least.

GODSPEED 33 says:

Commentary is much better

Mahesh VR says:

EA might add some $$$ for UCL

Jk Not Rowling says:

1:45 Jordi Alba slaps Courtois!

Rakesh Cristoval says:

Dude fifa 18 looked way more realistic

Javier Pacheco says:

Pes is the king of champions league. Please comeback to PES

Mr.Capabil says:

i hope the final will be exactly like this

vortex says:

looks shit compared to PES 2019

RizickB says:

no new kits

Giodinho says:

The new commentary is so much better than Martin Tyler & Alan Smith.. The way how he explains the first goal for Barcelona sounds so much like real-life.. It’s amazing… The UEFA Champions League in itself, looks amazing.. It actually feels authentic, and the gameplay also looks good.. Although I hope they adjust the new fake shot a lil’ bit, because that is way too OP… But I gotta say, the UCL, UEL and Super Cup ionttoduction into the game, makes it feel more authentic and real.. Now let’s hope that they are going to improve CM in FIFA 20, which I heard they promised, as The Journey is ending

majad Sam says:

Fix faces barca#

Haotian Cai says:

I thought I was watching at 1.25x speed at least. The pace and motions are too fast and look unrealistic.

Connor James says:

Hi ches,
Do you think the gameplay is better fthis year to do my players

Ryan O’Connor says:

There needs to be icon stadiums on one of the next fifas like the boleyn ground and Highbury, the old Wembley and all that. That would be really good.

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