FIFA 18 World Cup Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – GROUP STAGES (ENGLAND)

FIFA 18 World Cup Walkthrough Part 1 – Fifa 18 Russia World Cup Group Stages with England
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ccjh0806 says:

england squad is a joke!!!!

Let's fuckin ave it says:

Yo is that Alex Hunter’s mom at 5:20 in the middle, maybe an easter egg?

Angel Sotelo says:


Faris Irfan says:

Rashford iiissss sooooo


Anh Nguyen says:

Let’s play the whole tournament mate! Love your vids btw!

Lymitem Piki says:

GameRiot’s voice sounds really like that guy from Tuesday Club

Matu Bangura says:

Who else saw Catherine Hunter at 5:22

Jesse the gamer says:

you should do a my player career mode

Matu Bangura says:

Plz continue with the Series ( obviously England will lose ) the game is realistic

BattleBus_ Reapers says:

Do a full series

khaled ezzi says:

Do this mod need online or no

kinivers says:

besides the world cup touch does it still seem the same

arabgames dz says:

abonnez chaine

Norbanon Yusoff says:

Can world cup play for 2 times??? Please answer

Abhishek c b says:

I need all part of gameplay

Michelle Sel says:


faris ohsem says:

Hey game riot love your vids

Piyush Gaud says:

We want to see full series

xi-matty_v says:

France I recon will win the world cup

Eris Gema says:

Do more scott!

Don't be mad because I game on a 55 inch 4K says:

Play online u goof

Kamran Ahmed says:

If only Alex hunter could be in it

Talorc MacAllan says:

Come on Belgium, Panama, Tunisia……haha get in to the guffs

Naminukas :D says:

Fifa story mode

noor bidayah says:

only ps4

Dark ShaDow says:

More Scott Please..

Joshua Groenewald says:

Jeez I take shitty teams and beat 5 star sides by 2 or 3 goals on legendary difficulty. Granted he doesn’t play fifa often but damn this is painful to watch

gelu vasilica says:

Yes do a series pretty pls

Brad Dan says:

Deffo do more

Carl Aspinall says:

GameRiot yeah please do more world cup Gameplay RugbyMadFan

Edmond Bosco says:

I am a new youtuber plz support my channel!! 😛

FIFA 18 World Cup Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – ARGENTINA vs ICELAND

jdog gaming says:

Do a world cup with all 32 nations

OG6999 HD says:

Do Iceland once the England one is finished

Nikola Novoselec says:

Win the cup with Croatia please mr. Riot 😉

Grand Joy says:

play more FIFA please…

Argha Biswas says:

Full world cup pls…

Lee Spicer says:

I wonder what difficulty he’s playing on

suffian baig says:

when is coming in pc??

Gaming Ninja51 says:

Australia please

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