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Krisuke Pereira says:

More freekicks tutorial pleaseee

Thomas Barela says:

can someone explain too me what A on the xbox does and when to use it? i know its contain but i rarely ever use it. Should i be using it more? or is it useless?

Hassan Desai says:

The opponent indicator is bullshit

Dee says:

Your intro has become so boring and annoying that I will always skip to 22+ seconds

Björn van der Hoeff says:

What fifa now is missing is the guest mode for fut imo

Claw Clawzon says:

What is the camersettings in this very video??

ThisIsGrayFox says:

I love how all the noobs are malfunctioning now that the indicator is on! Fucking Ai FIFA 17 lazy cheating dishonest defending unintelligent faggots! THANK YOU OVVY

CreativeFosse says:

EA does what EA does best when it comes to FIFA… They eliminate ALL the fun in the game.. It happens every time a new game (read: FIFA) is released just because some idiots gives them feedbacks on it. I really felt that EA brought back the fun in FIFA this year and I hoped they wouldn’t mess it up. But they just had to.. I think we can all agree that firing a screamer into the top corner from 25-30 meters really made the adrenalin pump, eh?? So WHY mess it up? So what if you score far outside the box? Some players in a team is better than other to score from outside the box, so EA should actually look at the players abilities instead of making a change overall (the better the shooting ability the greater the chance to score a goal – it’s all reflected in the ability stats, right?). Likewise, if you’re a bad goalkeeper then you’re more likely to get the balls behind you. Just look at de Gea when he arrived MUFC. Everybody knew back then that he HATED longshots ’cause he just couldn’t deal with them. But look at him now…

It should all be reflected in the individual players ability to determine how the game evolves, etc.

Ah, I just hate it when EA ruin a perfect game..

Enjoy your weekend, people!

ThisIsGrayFox says:


Darcy 809 says:

why the hell is no one talking about the overall feel of the game..the heaviness is all gone all the players feel real floaty, and light, it feels awful.its the same as FIFA 17 now.

praveen kumar Loganathan says:

My avg shooter has become below​ avg now. 🙁

RKJ says:

before patch passes are op and now ea downgrade pass ability , keepers are good like Courtois and De Gea

William Krause says:

I don’t know why but since the patch I am losing almost every match. It was all fine before the changes but now the game feels weird af to me

Robin Smit says:

Keepers are better????? They worse then ever before

Nick Gian says:

I love the new update,players feel heavier,the game is smoother,passing is more realistic and the game overall feels more responsive!!

MO Vlogs says:

Oyyv please make me shot tutorial

C A says:

Your fifa coin link does not work

k3nsh1n1987 says:

twice you said we can see all the changes in the description, but there you have only your social media, your website and coin sites. Can you please deliver and provide the actual link ?

DutzuB DutzuB says:

Sa scoată în pula mea indicatorul

Ahmed Ali says:

Hey Ovvy do a tutorial on what’s the best formation for Manchester United

Klaus Iohannis says:

The skill dribling is better now!

Otaku Gamer says:

Subscribed today and turned on the notification bell 🙂

Khalid Alhummoud says:

This is the shittest game play i have ever expierenced in my gaming life, graphics got shit and defenders are now shitter than previous goal keepers so thisbis turned into shit, any standing tackle in the box is 50% penalty and the passes got so gay even when playing in a 80+ rated team passes feel like its kids playing in the back yard wtf is this the demo was way better than this shit. If they just fixed the long shots would have been great but this sucks.

T 21199 says:

Defending is still shit

TV Guitar says:

make custom tactics with formation 4 1 2 1 2 for Real Madrid i dont want more lose 🙁

ThisIsGrayFox says:

How do I enter one of these big FIFA Tournaments? I’m the best player in the world. I score 40+ goals every season in 7 matches and concede none

MO Vlogs says:

Bad change

iseehellin3d says:

So i was doing so good and i was winning with ease, now winning against noobies is a challenge for me, winning in general is like being victorious in D-Day

Delete The Elite says:

Does anyone else feel they’re playing Fifa 17 again, and pretty much got ripped off by EA?

Lerro Ussukari says:

The game looks like FIFA 17 now… Haven’t played yet but just seeing the video… Man that’s ridiculous…


Pls make a Connor totorial only Connor

T 21199 says:

Every game has like 6 or 7 goals. It’s broken.

ohdee92 says:

Team review on FC Barcelona, custom tactics, player instructios, and best formation

Miriam Kimberly Ratih says:

*awesome i got tons of c o i n s from here, try it guys*

Delete The Elite says:

Fuck you EA, I didn’t buy a game just so you can patch it with a downgrade within a week, making it almost identical to the previous version.

Don’t forget EA makes a profit of over $1 billion every year.

willisdaman88 says:

I was scoring 3-4 goals a game prior to update and just can’t seem to find the same thru ball openings and the back of the net now. FIFA 16 I was 423-47-71 and FIFA 17 I was 389-87-101

RIP says:

Pes beats Fifa easily this year

Hans Smith says:

The indicator update might be the worst update I’ve seen EA ever do. One of my favorite things to do while defending is make the opponent think they know which defender I am, then quickly change to another close and tackle from behind while they’re concentrated on the player directly in front of them…

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