FIFA 18 New Gameplay – 5 Things We Love!

New FIFA 18 PS4 gameplay, with Dave and Nath scoring loads of goals and talking about 5 things they love about this year’s game.

Featuring Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, Paris St Germain, Bayern Munich and loads more.

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Tariq Uthman says:

N thrs lots of new feature in the career mode

Rachit Dhiman says:

Benjamin Mendy no. is not 99?

Robert Pezzulo says:

they had 2 player mini games in 17

Rafi Redz says:

Tf? Aguero still without beard?

Jayaram Ramanarayanan says:

Finally Benzema scores a goal!

Iron Sensei says:

in fact cant see that much difference between fifa 18 and fifa 15. Guess I just keep fifa 15

Stoichkov says:

is it worth it buying a ps4 just for this?

akib jawad says:

Should I get a ps4 slim or wait for ps5?? If i get ps4 slim how many years will ill be able to play games on it???

JayJakal91 says:


Fusbol73 says:

Celebrating with the crowd has been in pes for years.

deach pitch says:

why does fan did face palm when he scored???

Санж Махо says:

What’s with momentum or rage?

mrgiggsful says:

pes till i die i never liked fifa sorry its just not for me

Shawn Mkandla says:

oh yes. that lovely goal! @12:31

Moe Tahir says:

Can you do the same for PES2018

wheelysteve says:

Is it just me who finds this demo pretty awful? Yes the atmosphere is nice, the celebrations are a cool touch. But I’m wondering why the game even has goalkeepers, they don’t save a damn thing, even in this video there’s examples of some laughably bad AI goalkeeping. Plus the AI will just bomb straight forward, no attempt at a build up approach at all, it just becomes an end to end slug fest with lots of tricks sprinkled in. I’d go as far to say that it looks more like football than ever, and feels less like football than ever.

niki danko says:

All goals are from the midle wtf …defence is zero

Tail Fox says:

fifa is the best until now

Great Man says:

So you guys reccommend me to buy FIFA 17 or FIFA 18 .?.-.-

jay cam says:

scripted m8 thats what that is ea doing the work for you

Tom Gray says:

All they had to do to make it brilliant was to have the opposition fans get pissed off and angry if you celebrate in front of them

lungile sonjica says:

i feel like as fifa grows, the more it looks cartoonic,just my experience.

Jason MacDonald says:

Played the demo and goalkeepers are hopeless!

I’m scoring loads even o harder settings and i’m not that good

Izzy G says:

Does FIFA online still have scripts? (Making ur players suck so the other person can score on you)?

B1gUp5 says:

Two MASSIVE points i hate about fifa.

1) GKs never get injured. What is the point of any other keeper other than your first choice? NONE whatsoever because they never get tired enough to even warrant a rest, regardless of fixture buildup. And they NEVER get injured..

2) handballs are a crucial part of football! It is a massive deal, and in the RULES. Having the option to apply them in the options is ridiculous to say the least. Hang on a sec lets remove offsides and cards while were at it hey. Also i NEVER see a handball given even when its been toggled on in the options. What a joke!

Anyway theres my two valid points that never get fixed year out. Other than that great game.. but these points HAVE to be fixed surely.. especially the hand ball being implemented permanently. Its a RULE FFS.

Ahmed Shingy says:

U guys are clueless haha.. these specific 2 mini games were on 17! Hahah clueless!

Jayaram Ramanarayanan says:

Worst Goal keeping in FIFA 18. See Courtious action against Totehnam.

Sunnyevans03 says:

These guys clearly know next to nothing about previous FIFA’s “I hope you can play skill games when you want” you could do that since like Fifa 15

Dawson Sonoo says:

I don’t like how the goal doesn’t move

Maxcht Refrigerator says:

Lucas Alario has been already a Bayer Leverkusen player

chava montes says:

The skill moves are slow now
Or I have to get used to it cuz I don’t advance when I do them

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