FIFA 18 Gameplay FULL MATCH – ISCO Playing FIFA 18 Real Madrid Vs Real Madrid

FIFA 18 Gameplay FULL MATCH – ISCO Playing FIFA 18 Real Madrid Vs Real Madrid

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Thetoygamer says:

The fans look crazy good

Humblenton says:

Same fast paced shit, counterattack after every play.

Daniele Taurino says:

Sempre uguale

GOTCHA says:

Looks the same as 17 and as bad as 17

Famille NoLackinSFB says:

I see no difference in fifa 17 and 18 lol

Matt Lewis says:

Soooo what’s good with that blatant offsides @ 5:55? lol

herz7zschlag says:

dieses spanische gelaber geht einem mega aufn sack

Shafayat hossain raiyan says:

its all the same shit since FIFA 15

Mihai Dranca says:

The crowd and atmosphere is so dark looks like a basketball game during the break, but at least graphics look a little bit better though

The PlanK says:

it looks like fifa 17… nothing changed

The Blaster says:

I’m moving to PES 2018 this year

Trương Phạm Phương Nam says:

Cảm ơn.

TheJamesGames says:

Fifa 17 remastered

Aykut Gökçe says:

EA sports invents FIFA 17 and 18 for playing football with voleyball ball..

Jesse Jang says:

Exactly same as fifa 17 never develop. I hope that goalkeeper on bench will not wear the field player kits for this time(in fifa17 thet made that stupid mistakes and never fixed it). In addition they would never create the top & shorts & socks combination uniform selection lol

Russ Kendall says:

same shit different year

AqUiLa2oo4 says:

There is Camp Nou

Walking Dead says:

u know its still suck when cavajal went out

Dunny2k says:

I wish EA would stop using Spencer nonce to promote their game. It really puts me off it.

Max Norman says:

Am I the only person who notices the goals are different?

Felix Mottram says:

Love the look of the gameplay, touches, passes and shots look more realistic and varied. Looks less arcadey

Rogue CIA agent Poseidon says:

Real vs real how does that work?????

Alex Kastelano says:

It looks like FIFA 16…exactly the same shit.

Maurício Rodrigues says:

You people in the comments are too boring.

Abel García says:

Buying Pes 2018

Chris99Mahony says:

way too fast paced and arcade feeling PES is way more realistic this year

Oscar martin quintanilla says:

2v2 friendly is back! Finally

MKIceAndFire says:


Pyrrhus says:

Time to buy Pes 18 this year.

Aeff Sbk says:

All that massive technology EA have yet animation looks so awful. where all the budget money goes? For FUT crap?

Aeff Sbk says:

Ronaldo animation is embarrassing. did they really mo-capped him haha

Pro gamer Omar says:

People saying its ok to look like fifa 17 and fifa has limititions are fucking stupid pes is improving in terms of gameplay and graphics every year why fifa can’t

The Blaster says:

FIFA 17 Pro

Simon LiquidWord says:

i never understand why people slip replay. let me see that fucking details!

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