FIFA 18 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: Gamescom 2017

EA stops by our live stream to play a match and show off what’s new.

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Silas 16 says:

Ummm the game looks so slow wtf and it is so dark FIFA 17 looks a lot better the players also look like dumbasses

No, This is Patrick says:

Mourinho looks horrible

Tony Falanjie says:

i dont know why im watching this because i dont have money to buy

_.Nonso ._ says:

I’m gonna stick with fifa 17 for a while now till fifa 20

MiukThe Seal says:

Remember in 1 week Fifa sold 1.1 Million but Pes 50k copies and it was when it just was released

Angry Brazilian Fanboy says:

You know what’s funny?

Most of the people bitching about how similar this game is to FIFA 17 will end up buying 18 anyways.

danyjr says:

Colours look off.

K_GUN_ PLAY says:

To the both players that were playing ..Y’all are trash

Damon Baird says:

After about 10 years fifa seems like its finally evolving gameplay wise,this definitely looks more fluid.

irish rover says:

FIFA always looks like the players are playing on ice

Benjamin Bank says:

can you download the demo??

Sharon Lovelock says:

Nothing really that different in the gameplay

Gleyson TV says:

Esses caras jogam muito mal uhashshs que agonia mano

timber61ru says:

Matic babyface from Fifa 11

Aris Brtzs says:

Even the crowd is the same..

Mikkel says:

Blah.. Blah. Blah. Utterly BS! Career mode ditched once again. Everyone talks about cutscenes and atmospheres.. seriously after 5 min. you skip all that crap anyways. They spent 1 year making stadium more live and motion capture Ronaldo. The reason they haven’t shown any thing new in CM, is because there isn’t anything new 🙂

Bryant Alex says:

I’m guessing that the difficulty in this game is on beginner. So, hopefully, gameplay will be much more professional in Ultimate Team.

DRAK3R07 says:

This year Pes 2018 is better

Robert Campbell says:

FIFA has failed to improve since 14. The developers need to go back to making gameplay the main focus. Thats what PES have been doing the last 3 years and it has worked wonders.

eXquisite pepe says:

cool, a $60 update

Xboy says:

I hope they add the option to my player career mode to use long shirt in winter and a regular shirt in summer that option was in fifa 12 and i dont know why they removed it those little things make me happy also if you play attention in club pro or career mode your custom player doesn’t get sweat

KnightMD says:

As a PES gamer, that authentic EPL intro –the whole thing– looks stunning. I wish the gameplay was like PES.

Mason 7 says:

Flipping wasteful

whatdo uknow says:

still looks like 17, still looks like they make that same stupid run when your on the ball not getting into the box but on the flanks, only difference is one player can kick off and the line ups at the start we all skip anyway haha

Adam Keeling says:

Why is the suggested substitution prompt ‘X’. Aren’t you going to be spamming X to skip the animation you’ve seen thousands of times after missing a shot and accidentally swap for a worse player!

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