FIFA 18 Everton Career Mode Episode 1 – Transfers & First Game | Xbox One Gameplay

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Matrix Official Channel says:


sillyplays says:

People sub to m

Gustavo Mendoza says:

you said than you have 4 years playing FIFA and you play in Professional?

j rad says:

Buy Jack Grealish from Aston villa

Ian Strollo says:

You wearing Tana Mongue sweatshirt. man you for real

Oliver Turnbull-Davies says:

Sign harry Kane

sdf473 says:


game Player says:


PandBushKing FantasticLucasXx2017 says:

I bet u would have more subs if u didn’t curse

Vibe Storm says:

Good video man…but you talk shit about the ratings…and it seems you haven’t watch football since 2 seasons

Liam Dalley says:

You gotta bump up the difficulty mate

sillyplays says:

Should of got greizman

Matthew Lekman says:

r u going to use bolasie?

Just JD says:

I also did the thing were I accidentally gave alaba a million per week anyone know how to change the contract ?

Elliott Mason says:

How is kenny not at least 60 overall

XXX313 says:

Why giroud? His 30 and why not Sandro

366Footy&Vlogs says:

Liverpool Are In The Champions League

Tobi Araba says:

had to stop watching the second you took a GK off the bench lol

The_Gamer 11 says:

Niasse was out saviour in saturday

lol lol says:

your shit

Joe Mc says:

Tarajai is better than Calvert Lewin

JACOB B says:

Man said Calvert lewin should be 75 rated

Kevin O'Connell says:

What a piece of shit team

TryHardGamer10 says:

This was painful to watch….

Charlie Waddell says:

Sign dolberg

JACOB B says:

Shit career mode you don’t understand football

Samuel Norris says:

Where in the champions league we have real Madrid and bourrosa Dortmund in our group mighty spurs

Bb10pro says:

Get the sticker Carol from West ham

Daniel Pomerance says:

Why would you not put Siggy on free kicks?

TheNamesPond says:

Is that a tanna mongoose jumper?

RyanDaKing says:

spurs are

Dunfermline fc men says:

Play a 4 4 2

Williamson Potsum says:

You don’t know what your doing playin Ross Barkley £27.4m for giroud whos 30 bruv cmon

Jt11swfc7 77 says:

You can’t use Rashford as a back up player

TU RF says:

I am from ireland and also support everton

sillyplays says:

Nice players


Lol he said ” you can kill yourself arsenal”

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