FIFA 18 Career Mode: Napoli #1 – A NEW CHALLENGE! (FIFA 18 GAMEPLAY)

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Welcome to my FIFA 18 Career Mode with Napoli in the Serie A!

I will be looking to make this a realistic FIFA 18 Career Mode where I will be rebuilding Napoli by only signing Italian players or players that already play in Italy.

I also will be using the youth academy to bring through young Italian high potential players from the youth squad into the first team!


On my channel you will find daily FIFA 18 Career Mode videos, I also make general FIFA 18 gameplay videos with The Journey & Ultimate Team on Xbox One!
With my videos you get full HD 1080p gameplay without any facecam getting in the way!
Not to forget the unique Aussie accent 🇦🇺 🙂


V Alves says:

What difference +400k makes in a transfer? It will be almost the same value without the 10% the club takes from the transfer (18.1 million vs 18.4 million in the Hysaj case)… I know I may be alone on this, but this pisses the hell out of me hahahaha sorry footy! Looking foward to this series (keep it realistic pleeeease)

BearticLockoNL chills says:

You need to hef Stefan de vrij he has a 1 one year contract
Like in you agressie

Christian Bru says:

Napoli stands out in the italian league because of their lack of a full italian team. this series really limits your team and i can predict your future lineup based off of it.

A W says:

After a week you can go back to sign him like so he can see

Niet Zjuul Smolders says:


TKilla999 says:


Batnab 22 says:

How are we meant to make transfers when all the managers/representatives are assholes especially the old ones you put up the money a little bit and they storm out ridiculous

Nemanja Jokic says:

Buy Milenkovic from fiorentina he is 18 years old he is cb and he is absolute beast like so he can see

Baymax likes Donuts says:

Andrea Belotti for striker?

Michael Banahne says:

Psg bro

TKilla999 says:


a wens says:

Excited for this career mode but don’t drop the MAN UTD career mode. It’s a traditional career mode for the channel. Keep it up <3

Fabian Ong says:

Maybe u can sign a few more young guys
Eg. Rashford , Dybala , Lemar , Rabiot , Eric Dier

Matt Langenfelds 0012 says:

Change formation to a 4-3-3 attack,
Use Mertens as a CAM,
Sign Belotti for striker,
Like if you agree and comment suggestions

Alphonso Cabrera says:


STUDIO 101 says:


Kryogenika says:

Great choice for career mode! I like the restriction you put on yourself for italian players only, makes it much more interesting to watch because its not the same old signings all over again. Also when negotiating for Hysaj I think the extra 400k was unnecessary, I would have accepted the money but pushed for the 10% sell on. Anyways good start to the series mate!!

LazyTitan says:

Play 4-4-2 with Milik and Mertens up top and drop Allan in the bench. Also buy some back-up strikers

Alphonso Cabrera says:

Don’t sell hysaj

TheSnorky 79 says:

Swap perin for Reina

Mohamed Moataz says:

Footy you know that i am your fan from fifa 16 but i think this career wont be very intersting as the man utd in my opinion it wont be that interst but keep ur good work

Alphonso Cabrera says:

Sign barco

Mike Wang says:

Love your MUT series. really looking forward this cm! Keep it going !

Alphonso Cabrera says:

Yes yes yesssssss

Rik Sinnige says:


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