FIFA 18: Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 “EASY MODE” (My Player Career)

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ParkeyFinn says:

Everyone’s mad that he’s playing on PTFC but don’t realize that’s his (and MY) hometown team.

Cursed Sasuke says:

you have to press X to shoot, don’t hold it, if you do, you’ll end up with a full powered kick.

Taina Fernandez says:

I’m Puerto Rican and I never played or watch soccer, also never play FIFA but I now watch the games alitte.

rexman and jaden 321 says:

Play more fifa

Cordovan YT says:

Suck ya mum

Peter Chungulo says:

Does it need internet please reply im 10

Slurpee Cat says:

don’t worry about it I’ve never pladed

Crash33 says:

OMG, I haven’t laughed so hard watching one of these sports play videos. Thumbs up bro, new viewer too. GREAT WORK. LOL

Joseph Lavery says:

34:00 I had to sub

JayNels Nelson says:

Same gay obnoxious laugh as Tmartn

TheUnknownAssassin0_0 says:

Timber booooo Fc dallas all the way

daogsniper 911 says:

Great vid

Jakub games says:

Stop laughing

Sebastian Alexander says:

my name is Alexander

Eric Salinas says:

My middle name is oscar

Kitty LovesCats says:

In the 4 th grade during soccer my team scored 18 to 0

Reality says:

3:40 good choice my kit number is 11 XD

Nicol Colon says:

He looks just like u

Cetree says:

I have a third stone legs its powerful

Gianni Tello says:

Galaxy are better than the timbers

daogsniper 911 says:

If you like content like this sub to my channel and I will shout you out and I will sub to you

Felix Ocampo says:

Hey man from yakina

Nahum King says:

This dude choose my last name

Robson Barstow says:

Omfg why the fuck would you play an American team every American team is shit. Even THE American team is shit

Micah Galvan says:

Here comes the off sides

BigDogHero HD says:

Love the energy great content

ebw says:

It hurts me because I don’t think he knows that you can call the ball

crispy cream says:

You know tmartn is a YouTuber

B C7 says:

your crazy you no that

Boiz Flash says:

I played my first match and won 15-0

life of ash rosa says:

Ur soooooooooooo bad at fifa

Alex Stacey says:

When I play FIFA 18 I score 115 goals a season and I make 50,000,000 a week FC Dalles.

Keks For Trump says:

Lol i was born in spring of 1997

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