FIFA 18 | Arsenal vs Manchester City – FA Cup Final Gameplay with Trophy Presentation

Full HD FIFA 18 Gameplay of Arsenal vs Manchester City
FA Cup Final 2018 – Xbox One | PS4 | 1080p
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FC jhony_ YT says:


Emiliano Perez says:


Amir Montalvo says:

Idk but i havent seen any changes from pes designers. All the animation, voices, linces, intros, game modes, cinematics are best in fifa. I love pes, but i dont think that pes can beat fifa this year. Great videogame though.

Nick Carberry says:

lacazetes goal was good


Manchester City lose in Arsenal = thats very big joke. Ha, ha, Ja-Ja (only in video game)!!! [Arsen, Jose, Conte – thats no coach]

역사잼 says:

I think that this game looks like real

philip kemp bell says:

The goalkeepers are broken….the game is broken. Don’t buy it.

NFS3Y5Q19HJ G1024 says:

He just went on the oppisite side of the net

jen crooks says:

arsenal are the best

Marek Hh says:

dawać wembley pokażcie to fife pilkarze tak macie grać fife ostro szybko i piekne bramki ma to byc żywe

Rinzuala Nexus says:

this is awesome

Danny Blue says:

Why is the trophy so big? lol

Karen Louise Luck says:

It’s not the real team for mancity

jacques premoli says:

How play with this ball in normal mode?

S G says:

Wow, sorry to say but FIFA is garbage. Compared to PES 2018 this looks like Fifa game on a smartphone or like its from 2012 or something like that. PES gameplay and ball physics is unreal. It’s so realistic makes you want to play. This doesn’t even make you want to watch let alone play it. I’m not saying anything against whose playing just the look of the game and the ball is just horrible. PES is way better! Just saying, not trying to put down people that are into Fifa really much.

yeappp says:

06:50 how the hell is this not a penalty?!

philip kemp bell says:

Just stop trying to.make people look real in video games….they look like jumped up corpses…just stop it….stop it now.

FIFA GCH says:

Arsenal FC!!

Rogue Riot says:

I’m a PES fan…but I’ve gotta say…FIFA gives the feel of watching live football coverage…seriously…showing the warming up players before the match…it all gives a highly challenging atmosphere….I love it….

Matheus Albuquerque says:

PS4 pro ou PS4 Slim?

iBlaster says:

The ball looks a little bit small…

PES 6 Lovers says:

robotic :v

The Lion says:

Fckin goalkeeper reaction

ScoringHalo 27 says:

Stop complaining about the gameplay and I would like to see you make a better game.

Walter Velasquez says:

I’m not buying any EA Fifa until they add my national team! But they keep putting Canada who doesn’t even get pass the first round of WCQ!

NFS3Y5Q19HJ G1024 says:

Dude!!!!!!!both keepers are so Stupid

Emiliano Perez says:

How do you put the fina

CallMeLum says:

Most famous club competition in the world? F*ck outta here. Again, for goodness sake, where in real life have you ever seen every fan in the stadium wearing either the home or away kit and nothing else? Jesus EA. Seriously, best thing that could ever happen to this game is if Konami bought the rights *formerFIFAfan

Sohail Aziz says:

Presentation and commentary are the only good things about FIFA…..nothing else

shellsbignumber2 says:

Silva needs a haircut.

Kam Waikin says:

Arsenal 3-2 Manchester city in final fa cup 2018

KFC Fan says:

how so you go in FA Cup in fifa 17?

Kgwaredi Ngoetjana says:

u want me end up crying man yoh dis lit

Legitimate Banta says:

I love arsenal

Davidisthebest15RBLX says:


Alexander Mathieson says:


letsbecomelegends says:

Looks more real than PES 18

Lars Dammass says:


Vztahy - Anoterapeutická Klinika v Praze my says:

dobre hrajes

ساد آلم says:

13:16 – Arsene Wenger 2018

Mujaza Boy says:

i actually made noise when lacazette hit the post. lol forgot its just a video game

Jack Jones says:

Man city bes 🙂 ha ha

Kevin Chakanyuka says:

l think Manchester City should have won considering their unbeaten streak

KFC Fan says:

how do you do FA Cup

Joanne Crane says:


Archie Watters says:

I love arsenal it’s so good anyone agree

pacifiça humana says:

Bueno vamos Manchester city, vamos Agüero y
Sabe,Willan,Kevin de bruney

Sean STEWART says:


Nerd JoKer says:

vamo City

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