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Ibrahim Aziz says:

Plz update ronaldo face

FuturamaPhill says:

So when you play no rules your defenders still try to hold a defensive line to play players off side…wtf

Bon boo says:

There’s should be no goal kick, no out, no corner because it no rules

Lebron James says:

They update kick off mode before career and pro clubs lmao this games a joke not buying this shit


Why can’t we have a refree carrier mode FIFA is boring as hell please do some practical changes

Ibrahim Javaid says:

Awesome goals by Bateson

HyprDeity says:

Eyyy castro

bennyjay7 says:

that’s it for the gamescom? come on, you could have done better. what a shame…

D-Bone Dylan says:

Title should’ve been fifa 19 battle royal *confirmed* in fortni..fifa 19

Zakk1699 says:

If there’s no rules I’d just play long ball and get my attackers to play get in behind by like a mile past the enemy defence…..

Memest says:

This is cool 😀

Dark Wolf says:

So can I pick the ball up with my hands and run the whole field, no, so that’s a rule, so it can’t be no rules

Gabs Lock says:

Have you ever heard of “Fifa Street”? It also has “Last Man Standing” mode and matches does not have any rules

mbah google gaming says:

battle royale please

Lew smith says:

These guys are fucking shit at fifa, yet they make a living off playing the game… where am I going wrong in life?

Welsh Dragon says:

Ea have not put any effort into these kick off modes. No rules should have no refs, new ways to tackle e.g.. two footed tackles. It should be no limits to how brutally you can tackle. Also why don’t they bring back the feature of slide tackling goalkeepers from fifa 03

Rish says:

People who say nothing has changed its exactly like FIFA 18 no you are wrong look the grass looks less green (HuGE ChanGe)

Litty Titty says:

Mbappe at 87. Ronaldo at 94. Dafuq fifa.

ross ferla says:

Zweback keeps a grudge… he annihilated Bateson because discarding his prime Maradona. NO MERCY.

Money Kay says:

What’s the intro song

SmurfOff says:

Finally, something Ramos is good at.

Adam Sanderson says:

do a video where u look at all the prem ratings

Jay Richardson says:

This is just normal fifa tho? Offside hardly ever called neither for obvious could

Felahan Marlatke says:

So it’s basically a USL match

Tu Madre_sies_nueve says:

Why u losing subs

YO BOI says:

Why is that a mode there already was settings you can take off rules

Cat Loto says:

If theres no rules, you can make as much as you want substitutions, right?

Rish says:

This is basically FIFA Street

bcurry_24 says:

Tim Weah should have at least got 72

Khalid Djafaar says:

Football with no rules. EA must be out of their minds.

Mark Kelly says:

Yet another bloody update this year so

Lautaro Vera says:

2018 and no 60fps

Isaac NBA says:

If there’s no rules 1) why is there a need for a ref and 2) y not just carry the ball all the way to the opposition end with ur keeper

Roppapoppy says:

Can EA stop sucking ronaldos dick!? How on earth is he 94 rated? It doesn’t make sense to anyone who is older than 12 and knows football

Ananta Ghatowar says:

That Taakla sucks!

Nikhil Kumar says:

The state of it lol.

Mega Death says:

Perfect mode for Real Madrid players

Jason van Zyl says:

Rip fifa

Bleach says:

Fifa the type of game, that is trash, but you still wanna buy it…

Carlo Agosttini says:

So the 2002 world cup

Cobra Madrid says:

Nice work man

Jozua Sommer says:

Its no rules but thres an referi on the pitch lmao

ross ferla says:

10:46 Bateson calls for a penalty. Poor Bateson XD

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