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Mário Cout says:

How we send the videos? I would like to play vs you on Ps4. I have an problem, I can’t play against bad player cuz my concentration is low but when I see an massive team, I can play full game 100%

MrKashish453 says:

Keep grinding my dude.Quality content.

Craig Hodges says:

I get excited when I see a new video from you

ahmet kul says:

Great video again bro! Looking forward to see more of this.

Fastblackman 7 says:

Nice vid

Lachlan Hunt says:

can I send gameplay if I’m average in div 4 and can’t qualify for futchamps? I have a good team but can’t play to save my life. Love the tips you give though

Faadil Khan says:


Manash K Baruah says:

30-10 4 weeks ago, 28-12the next, 20-15 the next and this weekend 21-18. I mean seriously this is suicidal. I feel so stressed every time and remarking about how inconsistent can this be. I have a fairly strong team and see the manipulation. Why such inconsistencies. Few games I lost inspite of having 2 to 3 goal leads and suddenly my players cannot finish sitters and get tackled like matchsticks. Brothers is it really that I am not actually Good and manage wins out of luck or what. I will kill myselfsomeday. And dear Inception… I can never thank you enough for this series . I feel so so so low and defeated

Adam ungier says:

That was so useful to watch man thank you!! All I need help with is my mental game, people in divisions tell me that I play really well and are surprised that I only get gold 1 but I get sooo nervous in fut champs… Make stupid mistakes I wouldn’t make in divisions 🙁 how do I work on that?

Will Mellor says:

love these podcast type episodes, which central midfielders do you rate that are relatively affordable (less than 100k) and are not Bakayoko? Also what is a good way to counter opponents who aggressively high press? eg when i am a goal up i often struggle to sustain a period of possession to closeout a game. Cheers bro

Plesn Plesn says:

How can I record my game in Fut Champions? 🙂

Alex Didiano says:

Wdym by rank ex. Elite 1?

Linards Sproģis says:

What to do if you are one on one and you are a defender and he does that heel flick
Get’s me too man times. Sorry for english. I’m from Latvia

Ahmad Shahnawaz says:

Song at 2:58?

Ajay Narang says:

Hey man. Love your vids. I have been playing Fifa for around a year now and I am not that great in understanding the game mechanics. I love your content and this is helping me understand the game mechanics a lot. Would you be open to analyzing my squad battle gameplay ( in legendary difficulty) or maybe DKT? I understand weekend league gameplay might be more valuable, but I would love to get your inputs on the strength and weaknesses in my game.

Luka Dorić says:

hi, is work rates for CB partnership important in a way that is best to have 2 same work rated cb or a counter (i want to buy fbd kouyateH/M and bailyM/H ). Do you think they will play good or should I buy another M/H cb to go with baily, love your vids, keep up with the good work boss.

shells Unilad 2 says:

l will send u my gameplay where l beated a top 100 player LostinThewavesz the game ended 6-5 for me

Josh Kurn says:

He’s dreadful wow

Dzeko says:

To be honest, this type of content gets repetitive really fast, just like the player evaluation. Once the viewer understands how you approach the game, they already know what you are about to say 95% of the time.

Iskandar HD says:

I’m gold 2 to gold 1 player bro if you want me to sent you my game play in fut champs i can bro

Sailboatsx says:

What stadium is that?

jeffrey van der veen says:

Thanks a bunch for reviewing my gameplay, will take note of all tips and try to improve from there. I noticed myself I’m forcing it too much. I’m a gold 2 player and just hope to make the jump to gold 1. What I personally feel is that my defending isn’t the best, but you noticing I don’t put my players back in position will be a HUGE improvement for me, thanks again!

shells Unilad 2 says:

l dont uderstand why people use boateng in fifa he is soo bad he feels like a truck in the ice he is too slow to turn

Higo Fagundes says:

these types of videos are pure gold. I love it.

F.Javier Gomez says:

InceptionXx These vidz are the Holy Bible mate. These are like the Guide at GTA San Andreas… LOL. Thank u 4 teach us how to fight against this f… sh.. of game!
Keep on buddy

Fc Mo says:

I dont have Twitter , how can I send you my video ?

Lukas Lehner says:

great content man, rlly enjoyed it! youre doing great!

cesar alvarez says:

Love the details

Wayne Rsbs says:

I would love to show u my gameplay, one week il get 34 wins the next 29 then the next il get 25-29 , this weekend I had to rush my games was 22-8 one of my worst, then lost 7 in a row lol, I’m so inconsistent all depends on my mood. Sometimes I get easily triggered other times I don’t I’m so weirddddd.

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