A Full Match of FIFA 18 World Cup Update Gameplay

Portugal take on Spain in a full match from FIFA 18’s World Cup update.

FIFA 18 World Cup FUT Draft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fUjInvFDzM

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João Carneiro says:

this is NOT life like or even close to reality…i see William Carvalhoplay every wekk (portuguese here) and he does not run a third of the speed in the 1st goal sprint

Floatzel 10 says:

All pes players came to cry

Jamie Banner says:

Bullshit, football games are crap. 24hrs a shouting screaming, constantly buying new control pads because she keeps smashing them. Because they want to make this attractive gameplay. Oh let’s make it difficult to score and do these really annoying impossible running combos Just to Beat 1 player. Instead of just making a simple game of two teams trying to score goals. Simple gameplay simple controls but no you have to have 10 minutes of 0-0. Then suddenly you wake up and realise these games are crap.

anonymouser says:

Passing looks horrendous…the ball is glued to the ground like a carpet. The lighting looks like someone opened a cupboard and shined a flashlight on a foosball table. PES 2018 is far, far ahead in gameplay (and critics should actually give it a try before critiquing PES 2018).

kiekiek says:

A free world cup dlc, it seems EA is learning something after all, although I think FUT earns them so much money, they dont have to charge for this anymore, just implement FUT world cup edition and the money rolls in.

rorsabest says:

No World Cup theme song when they walk out?….

Damian Szostek says:

Worst gameplay ever!!!!

Gamerex studio says:

Which game name plz

Jonathan Mercado says:

Can someone explain. Me and my brother have a ps4 and we saw there was a soccer sale so we bought fifa 18. Then there was a huge installation then when its done. I go on the game then I do not see the world cup mode. Also it says not fully installed I don’t get it was the world cup mode an update someone tell me PLEASE

xXFireSwagXx says:

Is this on PS4 or PC, I know it is available for all platforms , but I mean the gameplay

piadopredio 307 says:

You seem to be such a nice guy. BTW great pack!

ashif Dx says:

Should i get fifa 18 for world cup or wait for fifa 19?

Cozy ButtON says:

This player is awful

☢Alexander☢ ಠ_ಠ says:

Esta Chile en un dlc? No lo encuentro para eligir

Ankit Saha says:

Semedo is not in the squad!

Zombie Gamer says:

Is it only the 32 teams? Or can we edit/swap teams with others around the world?? Also, can you randomize groups?

GIL VIDEOS LARA Suscribete says:

No convence, ubiera sido mejor que sacaran el juego aparte

anthony elenga says:

lol, this guy cant play

Maa Bangalamukhi Health Club Health Club says:

Which game is this ??

Dante Guerrero says:


KILLY Gamer Tv says:

Why don’t you put you’re controler in the middle and let ai play each other

Ammar kq says:

The movement is too slow compared to career mode.. just way to slow almost like xbox normal

Exe says:

Very dissapointed with the “update” it doesn’t look like a World Cup at all

do you push bags says:

well at least they didn’t try to charge us for it, like they used to do.

Universe tuts says:

Haha, Downgraded graphics

Jake Page says:

Just gonna put it out there that PES shits all over FIFA.

NegativeHistory says:

the broadcast graphics looks like the La Liga Santander

YitzGames says:

They should have commentators for La liga, different for EPL, Bundesliga ECT

User1 says:

No surprise it’s literally the same thing as normal

Hafiz Azhar says:

Trash! Better then Fifa14 South Africa Edition because all country have and you can play qualification to enter World Cup!

mazadona10 says:

Passing is a lot better and defending. Shots seem to hit the post and bar a lot more , I reckon averaging about 3 a game currently

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