A Full Match of FIFA 18 Gameplay – Gamescom 2017

Check out some brand new footage of the next FIFA game in the form of a full match.

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rachit says:

do the managers have their own personalities in fifa 18?

Conor Mccloskey says:

I like the nets this year

Samraj Das says:

is their a pc version???

Max S says:

If there wouldnt be “the journey continues” there would be nobody buying this game because nobody wants to have fifa 17 2 times….

ByFranPlays 10 says:

I have one thing to say, only one year pass, do you think it’s going to be a completely different game? …

coldblooded1886 says:

1-2 new colour filters, 2 or maybe 3 replaced animations and boom! that’s it! and exactly this and only this is done EVERY YEAR. i’m glad i gave on fifa long time ago and also on other sports game there’s just no evolution in sports games anymore just some random copy & paste some generic blueprints and that’s it…

Video Gamer says:

Can I get this

Dru LLoring says:

This gameplay hurt my soul with all the bad/non passes made.

Tr4p MaZe says:

Players look like PES wtf

Fotbal Podcast cz says:

will be there in career mode the option that you manage club but gameplay is computer vs cumputer ?

Luciano Van Poppel says:

No 18 you sie is on the shoes

Anders _ says:

You could make a remix out of him saying kaahhnnteee


Wtf like de gea couldn’t save the first goal… Any keeper should

DailyBits says:

looks alot like my fifa 14

MrCaptainXXJack says:

feels like PES now

July 7 says:

not ABBA

Lee Nice to you all says:

Only games I’m buying this year is fifa 18 and gran turismo sport then next year fifaaa 19999

Das große J says:

3. Liga <3

John Bentley says:

Guys it probably looks the same as Fifa 17 a bit I swear it will feel much better playing than watching

Silent Rain says:

Do you have noticed that the better FIFA’s end with an odd number? 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.

Mochammad Fauzi says:

gameplay : PES > FIFA

Presentation & Graphic : FIFA 100% > PES (POOR LICENCE)

DrSarac says:

fifa 16 looks better then 17 and 18… strange …

Kurd Dunya says:

this is fifa 17

Marina Hanlon says:

The crowd look sick tho

El Guapo says:

is this fifa 2007 or 2017?

Tristan Oben says:

i think i’ll stick to 16 for the next few years

Kishkiboy says:

i bugs me how they didn’t change the commentary much

Kendal manis says:

Like FIFA 17

Vali Hai says:

If pes just had the licenses

Havier says:


Кирилл Зеневич says:

Де Хеа должен был отбивать этот мяч, опять бред с вратарями

Devilnero1991 says:

What a joke! Terrible dribbling, player turning is so slow it looks like glitch.

Aidil Haris says:

im buying pes this year

Ethan Hagan says:

The new premier league package is awesome. Especially the anthem when they shake hands & the new walk up animations for the line ups. Fifa 18 is gonna be good for career mode players like myself

WinterWolf94 says:

new animations look good.


Old man utd jersey

TheJoshNewhammer says:

They put too much work into pre-game stuff, which nobody even watches, when they should be focusing on more important stuff like making the players look less like mortal kombat.

Imanuel Hizkia says:

change the title, change the cover, resell, repeat

Hammer 103 says:

Fifa 18? Are you sure?

Anukool Choudhary says:

I am gonna buy this just because of those funny penalties…:’)

RithIsland HD says:

The only new stuff I see is a different colour menu UI and zoom ins of the crowd clapping and intense camera shaking lol I’m gonna wait for FIFA 19 then

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