30-0 in FUT Champions Week 2
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ghassan shakhsher says:

wat his CAM settings?

Serious Fox says:

9:08 Nice rapping man

GGGunitFiddy says:

First player with a good team that dosent play with timied finishing respect

Kurt wright says:

What pile of shite. 30 and 0 players are defo messing with the game considering the amount of bull that happens in it. You can play 30 games without any sort of lag or glitching….. yeah right, something smells funny here.

Chris K says:

I just played my 1st ever WL check my video if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXJXFDQkCkI

Rebecca Revell says:

You call him all these different names and shit for playing a game it just petty mate

HuSK PL3YZ says:

14:59 cool DAZW

Macca YT says:

What’s that skill move called

Bailey Faragher says:


Robert J. says:

Whats the name of the skills he uses with Ronaldo everytime he scores thst volleys? And how to do it if I can get helo.

Saamios says:

Gets a pen saved and blames it on a stream sniper… the Ninja of fifa everyone

Shortfusewill 1 says:

Insanw player

Giray G says:

Actually your squad wins not you. Am I wrong? Than play with a 100K squad for the next week.

Oscar brown Is fit says:

How do u do the roulette and flick it up someone tell me plz

Issy X says:

This guy abuses that flick move but crys about it

Mat Duzniak says:

Half of you saying he has no skill pay to win obviously never played fifa if you understood the little things he does that are so hard to master you’d understand but half of you just build prem teams with bameyang and moan when you can’t run past everyone bunch of plebs

Jacob Ditchburn says:

How do you do that skill move with ronaldo

Gravitygamer Man says:

u see how much he spams

Justas Petrokas says:

Arent they doing you a favour by scoring own goals or not?

Rebecca Revell says:

Why the f*** do y’all hate on him, He’s just a human being playing a flipping video game you wouldn’t say that to A 7 year old would ya

Cristobal De La Cerda says:

I can go 30-0 with that team…

AznMapler12 says:

i wish i was this good. I only manged to get to silver 1 or 2 i think.

Juan Solis says:

Go hit the gym or go get laid dawg dam fuking no life havin ass

ULGMX says:

A good example of scripting by FIFA

R-jeezy says:

how do you do that spin flick shot? I literally can’t find it anywhere what is it????

Leo YT says:

5 at the back. Disgusting

FaZe Tass says:

What’s ya best WL record?

Gta 5 short films says:

To me this game is just broken, professionals abuse the downsides of this game

Rodrigo Correa says:

how to perform that skill?
how many stars does it require?

ッJxnn says:

Can someone tell me how to do that skill move ps4 3:52

Herman Fournaros says:

scores a goal, heavily breathes in and looks to the left…..

Miguel says:

Fifa 19
eBook Link: https://bit.ly/2WoBJ9h

Nelly Jay says:

If you had a lesser team you’d be shite at fifa.

SLMD says:

I’m 100% sure that without this team, you finish gold 1/2/3 like the most of people who have a max of 1 million team.. you’re not so good at this.

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