Wrecking Sword Posers in a Realistic Fantasy VR Game

This is Blade and Sorcery, the sword fighting game with the most lifelike weapon physics that I’ve seen so far. Due to the nature of virtual reality (at least in its current state) there is occasional glitchiness and weird sticky collisions, but overall BnS does a good job of simulating armed combat. With the exception of silly twirly jump attacks…

In this gameplay I try spear, sword / dagger & buckler, and bardiche (two-handed axe). More to come. 🙂


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Kyle Smith says:

lol it was def R rated and then it got soooo R rated lmao

grndragon7777777 says:

8:00 nice moves

I did it for the cat girls says:

what I think: goddamn do I wanna play it!

Jonathan van dorsten says:

man i cant wait for this to have smooth animations or hell proper motion capture this game has so much potential though i love it sadly i cant afford it or a vr

Matthew Wilhoit says:

Hand&shaft jokes!

kweassa says:

oh man… the 3D nausea… but for what it’s worth, the physics are quite impressive. Passable, almost.

kira angle says:

Now we need beat saber

KFC says:

Warband’s shitty graphics and character models mixed with kingdom come deliverance’s combat

CheeseFromHell says:

that raiden joke caught me off guard everyone always does a palpatine quote

Skallagrim says:

Since a lot of people have been asking if those were players: Nope, all AI. Blade and Sorcery doesn’t have multiplayer (at least currently).

The way they move is too coordinated… Most players would probably just wildly flail as fast as they can. 🙂

SupahGaminNerd says:

I love how triggered he gets at the AI (and personally for good reason lmao)

Ginger beard says:

At 2:23; i used to be an adventurer like you until i got stabbed in the knee.

ArchaeoMech says:

Awwwe its Tali!

Takao Hasiguchi says:

Skall, you should at least try unscrew the pommel.

Rafael Menye says:

Gonna buy that game right now. Great vid

Restless Wretch says:

The fact that you can stick a sword into a body and leave it is amazing. Somebody spent some serious time trying to create murder scenes in Skyrim….

Blizzard Kiehn says:

You can never kill the almighty game logic!!!

Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos says:

12:07 daaaaim

Zach Ortiz says:

I just love how upset he gets at the unrealistic fighting moves

lieutenantkettch says:

No pommel throwing though.

Corwin Keylon says:

6:17 He uses his buckler to shove the roundshield away and drives his sword ALL the way into that guy’s head. Absolutely beautiful.
8:03 An incredibly pretty leg sweep.

zombiepanther says:

If only this was multiplayer this be waay better than for honor

Grug says:

7.8/10 no pommel finisher (also those AI seems to cover way too much)

John David says:

Please do more !!

nunyu buz says:

That calm ass voice as he kills…

bibity74 says:

This entire video had me cracking up loved every second of it.

Celtic Curse Gaming says:

Good video! Looking forward to seeing your footage when you turn the difficulty up.

Drankpiss says:

Swedish knee attack

Dji gurda Jdi druga says:

I wish VR were cheap

Pentultimate Arsehole says:

But not a single enemy was ended rightly

Jayhob Ackluhammad says:

You think u know how to use medieval weaponry dude id fucking stomp you irl in 1v1 swordplay

Corey Jackson says:

That was awesome! Good to see a game about fighting looked at and played by one knowledgeable about fighting. Especially proper shield (or buckler in this case) technique and the ineffectiveness of wild, leaping, spinning, fantasy attacks!

Hung Tran says:

Hahaha son is a goat

Lee Calhoun says:

Kneeeeeee! – pewdiepie and now apparently skallagrim lol

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