World of Final Fantasy Recent News: 100 Hour Story, Release Date, Gameplay


World of FF E3 Trailer:

Recent News:


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Mani De Maki says:

Is there any Online multiplayer in this game?

Frosty Pixels says:

Why does it have to be playstation exclusive 🙁

antony BRISSON says:

100 hours story is a huuuge turn off… i dont have time anymore to invest so much time…

HecticNova says:

I’m getting this on the vita

The Walky Wizzy Gaming says:

hello mr happy i was wondering if maybe you could subscribe to me? After all i subscribed to you. My channel isnt the best around but i was still wondering… could you please subscribe to me

Shiirow says:

I dont know, I like everything but the silly stacking gimmick.

The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly says:

the stacking feature matches the art perfectly… its all retarded as fuck and i love it when i shouldnt bahahahaha
this game will be better than OG final fantasy 7 and be a contender with 5 and tactics as best final fantasy.

Serenity P says:

100 hour story?! Erm…that could spell disaster IMO. I hope there is a different way to stack allies on you too. I’m not a fan of the way they just stand on top of each other. :-/ My excitement and my wariness of this game keeps fluctuating.

Jonathan Gough says:

I can’t wait for it I’m hoping to get is for vita

Phil Anson says:

great video Mr Happy grabbed the ps4 version on preorder

squalltheonly says:

100 hours main story? No other game has had a story that long, so I call bullshit. Maybe with DLC or something, but on day 1 no fucking way.

Peter Parker says:

I fell in love with this game the moment that I saw Chibi Cloud and Lightning.

Phil Anson says:

does toneberry evolve into kings? those were fun

KnightRaymund says:

I suppose I’m warming to the chibi stuff a bit but the stacking just looks ridiculous. Also I think 100 hours is way too much.

Corey Mckee says:

just pre ordered the limited edition with the artbook and the sephiroth summon! I need this!! this is the perfect way to Hype up for FF15

Corey Mckee says:

do u know if after the story is beaten, can u explore and do side quests? can u go off the beaten path and explore an open world?

ShinjiPrismriver says:

I dont really know about this. The chibi thing really turns me off and it’s why I havent been following this at all.

The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly says:

square makes their own “kingdom hearts” with a real turn based battle system FTW
they should use chrono trigger characters too

The Rebel says:

so hyped for this game!

Elvis Presley says:

the stacking looks pretty dumb otherwise insanely adorable and fun

Phil Anson says:

ff15 delayed till after this releases

hiotsobo says:


Ichimar486 says:

I get to use my Vita

Jean Coopmans says:

i dont understand why people complain so much about this game, it is more final fantasy then the more recent ff games SE released, turnbased, classic battlestyle system and the stacking okay, its different, just like every other ff game was different from the other, the point is what you can do with it to costumize your characters and it looks like this can go pretty deep… IMO this game looks more fun like an ff game than ffxv

TheCrazyNekoGirl2123 says:

Excited so excited october is the month I have my birthday f course it is earlier in the month but this is like any person who ever wanted ot enter that world fantasy come ture I want to dance i am so happy idk maybe i’ll get on 14 an dance there

Paul Bithell says:

think I’m too old for this game lol. I couldn’t play this in front of my wife.

Alexander Haubert says:

didn’t they say 40hours for campaign and 100hrs+ for the rest?

kracken says:

this is cute and probably a good game to kill time with before ffxv comes out but imo it’s not worth $60. I’ll probably wait till it’s $20 cuz i can’t see myself paying more than that for this.

RT S. says:


So Soulsu says:

Com Ple Tely copying Grandia’s battle sysem.

ajb293 says:

Not even remotely convinced or as excited for this as you are. The art style feels lazy and the stacking system is basically going to be 200 ways to do the same exact thing! I hope to be proven wrong when you release a gameplay video.

Angel Kibble says:

100 hours!? I think that’s a little too long, I think 60 is enough considering this is coming out the same year as FFXV

Keali Bjoerk says:

Turn-based, yay! Hmm, I don’t have a vita, or a ps4. I remember I bought my ps3 with the XIII game when it came out. If KH is gonna be on ps4, I might as well buy one of those, and maybe buy a vita further down the line.

Thanks for the video and information, MrHappy! Have a nice day!^^

NoctisZeroWorld says:

I like everything about it. Seen some cutscenes from the Square Enix Presents event at E3 and the story seems extremely hillarious. Seen the gameplay on PlayStation Access and it seems really fun. Love the art style and music. This is a must buy for me. Will pre-order it at the end of the month along with FF15 (Gonna receive my first salary ever xD)

Kefka Palazzo says:

game look fantastic.

HOPE terra will be in it. dont really care about celes.

Toby wehunt says:

been mildly hyped for this now im all the more excited!’

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