World of Final Fantasy (PS4) – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 – Yuna Boss Fight & Icicle Ridge

World of Final Fantasy Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME PS4 VITA 1080P 60FPS Let’s Play Guide, showcasing champion attacks, battle system, story, all summons, all cutscenes, all main bosses, the full ending & more!

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Presto Chango 7.0 says:


Mr. GeNatiX - Hardstyle and Trance music says:

Definitly gonna play this one when I have finished Dragon Quest 7! Love everything about this!

Carmine Lucia says:

that’s s spiritual game seems like love it ahhh wowwwww

BlaydGraves says:

Oh. And let’s not forget the lack of Libra use. Like, he will just attack to it seems to weaken an enemy he wants to capture, and not even use libra to see how to make it vulnerable. He also has a serious waste of AP, using abilities when they aren’t needed or using the least effective one when they are.

Chris Zammit says:

Was the enemy shown near the beginning of the game Bahamut or Ultima Weapon? It’s hard to tell cuz the cutscene was more like a cartoon or anime than anything else.

DJ Taylor Rae 『DJ テイラー・レイ』 says:

the OST is really magnificent

BlaydGraves says:

The whole 30 minute area really annoyed me. Did he forget he needs sizzle? Like, he went into his available Mirages and only looked at one… Did nothing to it, left, and kept repeating that. Like, seriously. It’s not that hard. I’m at the 34 minute mark and like 10 minutes have been him trying to get past the ice block.

Azam Musa says:

World of final fantasy 2016 ps4

copycats YouTube cyt says:


StFidjnr says:

21:02 sherlotta is welcoming us to her solace

Bruno Sanz says:

It’s good to hear Yuna’s voice once again.

Brand91 says:


Zach Rhodes says:

final fancy 10

GamerGirlTerra says:

Thank you Shirrako, your walkthrough helped me   : )

xXAzureAngelXx says:

ff10 memories damn it….

Kaius Cid says:

Seriously Tama work your English right.

Draaxus says:

I’m calling it, the woman in the cage is their mom OR Enna Kros is their mom.

jettmanas says:

Yuna’s so cool. I’m surprised you had to fight her. I liked her defensive magic paired w/bird blast. Pretty effective.
Sherlotta & Refia also add to the girl power in this part.
Clever that an item keeps you warm so they didn’t need to make heavy clothes for them.
Wow, close call at the end. How high of a window did they jump from?
I always use Libra on new enemies. Well, everyone plays differently.

Silent Bryan says:

chibi mode please

michael gervacio says:

the struggle to get sizzle did he forget that he has ifrit? …its obvious that he this is his 1st time playing final fantasy games

Stefunee Pylant says:

I haven’t watched the whole video yet,but how the heck do I deal with the Magic Jar since I don’t have an Elixer yet,just flee?

Ender Lily 101 says:

Boss battle in icicle ridge that wasn’t so bad AT ALL WUT

Brand91 says:

Who screamed when they saw yuna?

StFidjnr says:

23:59 cue the weird noise

ATS Gaming says:

who else gets lag while they Libra?

RWG says:

Did… did Sherlotta just admit that she spread for her Cat transformation power… Did this game just really make a sex/pussy joke? I’m so confused, Yeah the games cutesy and kinda has a for ounger audience vibe but then there’s all these in jokes and Meta jokes that only older long time fans would get.

AK74SU100 says:

How e fuck do i block this channel ? This fucker wont listen about thumbnails and keep spoiling games for us . I unsubscribed and his vids stil appear on my screen .

Xavier foster says:

I went to the Girl Who Doesn’t Remember Her Name’s creepy Tea Room right just after defeating Yuna.

Arugal1993 says:

you are bad at this game

JohnSmith FakeName says:

“Cats get around.” O-OK.

MadTheKid says:

does this person know that they can just unstack to not kill the smaller weaker monsters right?

Not Yet Lost says:

How did you get your moogle? I can’t even get mine even though I got some of the free add on stuff that came with my game but I haven’t been able to play with mine.

King Silver says:

Why would you use the cockatrice when you have stronger fire monsters.

Kaius Cid says:

38:05 Lol How nice of you to heal the poor creature but sadly escaped.

Alfred Taylor says:

I forgot how to change between big and small

ATS Gaming says:

wash this comment away by commenting( not replying)

Ismael Párica says:

She says “Cats get around” , i’m not native so if this is a joke/sexual pun can somebody explain it to me?

Dragonman 1 says:

i love how they use actual characters and attacks from final fantasy

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