World of Final Fantasy (PS4) – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue (Full Game)

World of Final Fantasy Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME PS4 VITA 1080P 60FPS Let’s Play Guide, showcasing champion attacks, battle system, story, all summons, all cutscenes, all main bosses, the full ending & more!

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Shirrako says:

FULL GAME Walkthrough (100%, All Main Quests, All Side Quests, All Secrets)

João Cesario says:

FF meets pokemon

Mariovo5 says:

I am just now getting to like JRPgs and cRPGS but I don’t like turn based action attack .

Chi Phung says:

So cute!!! I don’t why but it reminds me of Pokémon. I can’t wait to play this game

Anime Vinex says:


Chris Low says:

Man the KH vibe is strong with this one

Cent says:

this is a lot more relaxing after ffxv devastated me, my god that ending

marxxplaysgames says:

42:40 Well “god” can you tell Joshua to kindly FUCK OFF FROM SHIBUYA?!

1Sandwitch1 says:

mirage manual=Pokedex

Gerald Guerrero says:

I’m a huge fan of final fantasy is this game worth playing

Ario - says:

wtf is this

Christi Sims says:

“Me? I’m god.” Literally me.

The Grim Slayer says:


Peter Phung says:

this game beats pokemon sun and moon 🙂

Adrian Ramos says:

how sus am I for wanting this shit

marxxplaysgames says:

“What the honk?”
um…lann…language please

Arkhangelo Beshter says:


Brandon Jones says:

What the hell is on his head?

MasterMind says:

omg why did they make the characters all gay and small with big ass heads? this game looks gay as hell.

Kafuu Chino says:

OMG i wanna play this game so bad …
but i dont have VITA … or even PS 4 🙁

Jaylen Bowers says:

how about noctice from final fantasy 15?

Jaylen Bowers says:

I wonder if Sora from kingdom hearts will be in that game as a dlc character

GrndCruz says:

I’m just gonna out and out say it. Tama is just far too cute for this game. Sure a huge number of people thinks her Verbal Tic is absolutely grating, but I have heard *FAR* worse. Personally, I think it makes her character all the more charming.

Ricky Sam says:

Lands hair looks like clouds

Ana Is Best Waifu says:

The Customer might as well have drank a cup of melted sugar, she put like 15 cubes in the coffee.

Andre00x says:

Holy fuckkkk this game is so slow and boringg

gangstadazueira says:

i like ff but this game looks boring as hell, NOTHING HAPPENS

chemotherapy12 says:

Tama is fucking annoying and reminds me of that annoying bug Yui from SAO

Ciar Karedric says:

So this is like pokemon, but square-Enix style

jettmanas says:

Interesting so far, w/the chibi/full-size switching & the intro kicking in almost an hour into the game.
And FF7 Remake & FF15 are also on PS4… that’s a lot of FF.
Only thing I didn’t like was the “I am god” line. Not really necessary imo. Thanks for doing this.

Steven Putra says:

im feel bad to hit cute monster in this game. :3

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