World of Final Fantasy PS4 Gameplay – So Just What Is This Game?

Hollie has played World of Final Fantasy on PS4 and talks Rob through everything from the battle system to ‘imprisming’ enemies and summoning old friends. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments!

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jonnybeauchamp says:

Yes!!! A new vita game!! I love my vita and have been waiting for this one for a long time.

Gamer Goku says:

I’m probably going to love this game more than I should. Guilty pleasure, maybe?

Trey Lo says:

IDC what anyone say, one of the most cutest game. Getting it just for the adorable chibi characters! Buying it later today! 😀

DmelJ says:

2:21 you would then have yourself a bloody “Firaga”

Jeff banana man James says:

Is this going to be on ps4

Max Angelo says:

for those who say its like pokemon…u can never compare pikachu to chocobo because in the end we all know who we would chose :3 and thats chocobo

Saiz says:

so you have to try to catch every enemy? Is it possible to summon all the protagonists from past games? Will Noctis be available? And, how high can you stack these enemies? So many more questions but im excited to see what this game will be like since FF15 was a HUGE let down.

Johan Karlborg says:

Welcome to the final round in the world championships of mispronouncing names! Our male contestant leads strongly with “Ton-be-RI” and “Teedus” over the “Chick-a-bow”!

Waas says:

When this game was first announced, I didn’t think anything of it. 5 days before launch, I still didn’t think anything of it. Never had any plans on buying it. But after watching this video, I am going to buy it. I love Grandia 2 and that battle system and this, this just feels like something I can jump into and lose myself for hours and hours. Also being able to capture, raise and train monsters to form better teams? Yes please.

D Domero says:

Final Fantasy 9 was great with it’s comical design.. but this? this shouldn’t even be a Final Fantasy game.. thank you for convincing me to NOT buy this crap.. FF7, FF8, FF9. FF10, FF10-2, FF12 (This is meh.. but still okay), FF Crisis Core, FF Dissidia, FF13, FF13-2. FF13-3.. those games i enjoyed.. Hell i enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics too.. but this? this is garbage

Blayne Myers says:

final fantasy/pokemon, I’m sold.

DarkAnomaly says:

So this is just Chibi Final Fantasy done in a similar style to Pokemon? definitely getting this now, in fact I’ll download it tonight 😀

kurruptSTL says:

This Should be called Final Fantasy and the Pokemon catchers cause it reminds me of Pokemon

Pedro Silva says:

The game looks so adorable I think I’ll break all my walls just to feel manly while playing it.

Ede Dizon says:

The demo let you imprison ifreeta

Mathew Capili says:

Single player?

MIlkdudz __ says:

great work square on getting this kinda game ona beast console

rich min says:

Like really after all these this what you give us sqeeenix

pyrright380 says:

what is that word she said a lot  “cheeba”  sounds like its a pretty important thing in the game

Wasabi says:

this ain’t worth $60.

Aliyah Targaryen says:

Oh it is like ni no kuni im so happy

Mohannad Al-Shareef says:

seriously Granblue fantasy is hurting square enix so much :’D I seriously think they made them rethink what made their game actually good

TatsuyaDragon says:

I don’t know why but this reminds of legend of dragoon ._.

David Koba says:


Kein Plan says:

this looks like what the new final fantasy game should have been (turn based)

Nebula Jumper says:

“I’m the coolest person ever” .. … ……… …… Facepalmed myself.

m d says:


plutton1300 says:

So is the game chibi or not? lol im confused

Tim Peresada says:

WTF? I’ve been suckered into hanging on to the dying franchise and this might be the last straw. Just shows the developers’ lack of innovation and hunger for a slice of the Pokémon market. Can’t wait for final fantasy zombies.

Kestrel Ky says:

I like the game but I don’t like having stuff on my head. Even worse having two stuff on my head. And it’s a stat changing factor so I get penalized for not looking ridiculous.. I will be passing on this game. Probably looking into buying Digimon Cyber Sleuth instead.

Music mad AD says:

As a adult bloke the kid friendly look and feel is really putting me off after my first hours. I hope I can get into this game but the cute ness is killing me.

TheDarkSeeds - SCM says:

This does seem as if originally made for children. But anyway, this game seems fascinating. ^^

Shitstain Reigns says:

“Turn based” sold, picking it up.

Ar Ziel says:

This game and Final Fantasy 15 with most expansiv edition(270euro) i am luky ^•^ but have not money anymore for others games this years. 2 Games cost like one new ps4 only because of special Edition:D omg sorry for my bad english iam german:)

MrTrainerGuy1 says:

Just picked it up today in the sales woop and 15 pre ordered double woop

David Enfield says:

not impressed

rich min says:

This game looks boring as all hell

Porter0012 says:

You love “Mandagoras?” No, you obviously don’t. It’s MandRagora. I let it go for the first couple of creatures, but this chick is slaughtering the creature names. No, her accent doesn’t make it acceptable.
Does it really matter? No lol. But, I had to get that off my chest.

TheTimbermania says:

looks childish tbh

Dream Drop Sora says:

Anyone else think that the male main character looks sort of reminiscent of Neku Sakuraba? Or like, a discount Roxas? Looks sort of similar to both of them, imo.

giroliro3 says:

He looks like a mix between Roxas and Cloud.

Jayel96 says:

Looks miles better than FF15.

imad n says:

finally!!!! a real turn based rpg game released.

Daniel Diaz says:

Just wondering why they say “Chekevo”…….

Kragthor says:

I hate to admit it but I never played a FF game before but I just played the demo and loved it. A must buy now.

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