World of Final Fantasy – PS4 Gameplay (PAX West 2016)

Watch as Ash plays through the PAX West demo of World of Final Fantasy on PS4 and beats the boss just in time as the show floor closes.

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genshikenfan8 says:

…Final Fantasy’s answer to Pokémon?

panda96889 says:

This game looks super adorable. I might pick it up after I buy a PS Vita or PlayStation 4.

FrozenFacade says:

It looks nice… but for some reason stacking allies on your head just seems a bit too silly for me.

Danniel Volquer says:

I’ve already said this in another trailer but that boy reminds me a lot of Ventus / Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. The general style seems also similar to that series, graphicaly.

Henrique Melo says:

Looks awesome. And the Pokémon-esque gameplay style is promising

Matt Kimura says:

I hope it’s much better than Final Fantasy Explorers

Juckle says:

I remember at comic con no one wanted to play this game. There was never a line for it. Everyone only cared for kingdom hearts and final fantasy. I played it though and enjoyed it

Dark Holder says:

Brilliant it’s turn based 😀 sold me on that alone.

Azaris Reborn says:

Love how they more or less ripped off press turn from persona

Bodaciously Jellificient says:

I never played a FF game before except Tactics on GBA, and I wanna get into the series but idk where to start, can someone help me out please? It feels like I need to play all of them to understand the story in FF.

dark haze says:

This…actually looks pretty good! I usually love chibi/cutesy styles, but WOFF’s take on it turned me off at first. After looking at this, the styling actually looks pretty nice – gameplay too. Consider me sold ^^

Steel4 says:

Who’d attack a baby Chocobo? Jeez…..

Not Frank Jack Gamer says:

I like how a lot of these games come out near my birthday

Michael Clifton says:

does anyone know what tama’s way of speaking(always putting “the” where its not needed) is based off of?

Richard Warner says:

It looks likes they took Kingdom Heart models and put them in Final Fantasy.

Jack Witty says:

Why does the Annoying Guide Character© keep throwing a “the” in before other words, is that the extent of quirk these days

Kirkklan says:

Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine.

pryt86 says:

Looks pretty bad and boring

M. HAMDANI says:

Best FF that has yet to be released!

Can’t wait for this and Ni No Kuni II.

Peace Ribbon says:

The chibi is great, and the battle system looks right up my alley. Shame I don’t own PS4.

VMST says:

what is pokemon this?

hardrockmusickid says:

Right now, the game looks fine. But my hate for chibi art styles in games continues. I wish they do away with them entirely.

Phil Anson says:

wonder if there be a demo on psn

Sakura Ochida says:

Kawaii muss ich haben für die ps Vita .

Shy Bro. says:

Can’t wait for this game! I still need a PS4 though…

Muhammad Jobe says:

im so getting this after i get another ps4 since i gave the first one to my nephew

Neon Silver says:

I can’t wait for this.

GroundPoundable says:

The male lead looks like some weird amalgamation of Cloud and Neku…

Pacific Fun says:

Ohh, I’m digging this.
Too bad I’ll never get a PS4.

Xhere Rongestzu says:

so i wonder how the vita version will look like

SeFu says:

will this game come to the Wii u or 3ds?

ZNemerald says:

I love how you can change into chibi

Rustyhound says:

3:56 – “She was like `I don’t have time for this right now´”

David Zobrist says:

420 likes I hate to destroy that magical number but I have to like this too

Ace Attorney says:

No new podcast today or is it just not showing up for me?

David Stone says:

I mean… It’s cute…?

Reala728 says:

seriously why are games still using random encounters?.. its really a huge turn off for me, especially for a console game (i’ll still allow it on handhelds for now)

Tuschi says:

Damn that looks pretty.

Shady Fungus says:

1:44 Pokémon RIIIIIIIP!

xXZeroXx says:

will the game have online multiplayer?

Ephrimen says:

will the demo be available on ps Store ?

John says:

Are you guys going to PAX Melbourne in Australia?

Benjamin Busche says:

UGH, this game looks so good. xD I’m almost looking forward to this more than FFXV, if only because we know for sure it’s releasing without any issues this year. xD (I’m I’m REALLY looking forward to FFXV, still)

Nayru of the Zoras says:

Those chibis look super awkward, but other then that the game looks ok. 🙂

Brodbrody says:

They can turn them selves… to a chibi form…. *Claps.* 10/10

Thundervolt says:

I really wanna see a Fire Emblem crossover with Final Fantasy

BlackKidWithTheGlasses says:

I feel like I would play this on the PS Vita

SebTH1 says:

Can we not see enemy HP?

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