World Of Final Fantasy PS4 Gameplay – How Online Battles and Trading Works

Hollie has been playing more World of Final Fantasy and takes us through how PS4 – PSVita cross-save works, as well as online battles and trading. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments!

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edrez1 says:

after watching those vids couldn’t help myself and pre-order this game. cant wait!!

Su gamer791 says:

Just me or is final fantasy XVs release date taking forever we waiting to long now damn it

Zunken says:

What about cross-play?
Will PSV players be able to play and trade with PS4 players?

YakuZa says:

skipped RoTTR for this. screw that traitor of a game. i want them chibis.

Cosmic24 Wizard says:

Yay more gameplay I’m really excited for this game anyone else? Plus I really want to ride behemoth

flasher64 says:

17 October a demo will be out.

Saud Abualdam says:

Did anyone else think that this video got some spoilers? Cuz personally, I never thought we would fight the summons in here??

Yes, typical FF games would have that kinda fight in order to capture the summon, but never ever thought this would be the case for this game 🙁

They should have put spoilers alerts or somthn!

Agustín Rodríguez-Izquierdo Flores says:

So can you exchange monsters online on your vita or not? I thought they said you could only do it face to face in the vita version but I want to make it sure

Meep Man says:

is there a video explaining why they look so chibi? i just cant get past that atm

JoaLoft says:

Sorry, but I haven’t learned anything about how online trading and how online battles work. Where do I access these features in the game?

Jordan Trinidad says:

The area where the video starts looks a lot like Kalm from FF7!

WiLLiAmm723 says:

is this like pokemon

Vegesther says:

I don’t own a PS4 and can’t afford one any time soon so I can only cross save between PS3 and Vita games ONLY which won’t be possible for this game at all.

KingZthe2nd says:

This is so Pokemon and I love it! Rockin this and Sun/Moon in the future! Looks like it’s going to be a good holiday season!

emgee23 says:

How does the cross-save work? I want to transfer the demo game save from PS4 to Vita!

DarkAnomaly says:

Pokemon Final Fantasy Version then? I’m in 😀

Herowebcomics says:

this game looks great!
[But is Sony trying to get some pokemon stuff with this?]

MrTrainerGuy1 says:

Only played a bit of this but i am in love with it, it is cute, fun, can be as simple or complex as you want, great creature collection and upgrading for creatures, stacking mechanics are great.

Marcus Hervey says:


Paul Moss says:

The more I see of this the more intrigued I am… when it was announced I had zero interest but I might have to buy it. Now to decide if I buy it on PS4 or VITA.

Cody B says:

So…what IS the story? Whats the point of collecting monsters? Is there a big bad guy to fight eventually?

WeeWeeJumbo says:

Off topic, but over time I’ve come to love the *WHHHOOOOOOM cha- cha- cha* sound at the beginning

Chris Floyd says:

I more curious if there detail story or it more like mmorpg like Everquest wow ect.

Cosmic24 Wizard says:

Can you get Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation Vita?

Ricku13 says:

is this game like ni no kuni? i mean maps look like small one way corridors…that leaves no sense of exploration imo. and nah ffx wasnt like that. there were many stuff to explore between point A and B (red arrow). I just hope it has some complexity otherwise it reeeeally looks great! cant wait to see squall ingame 😀

Jeremy Gullatt says:

Oh geez, idk if it’s a good thing or bad thing, that they keep the 1-offs in FF. I remember playing FFX, got to a point at the very end of the game, and said “For giggles, I wanna try zombie and full life”. NORMAL enemies are highly resistant to zombie, I didn’t expect it to work on a friggin AEON. So ya, I zombie’d it, “rez’d” it with full life, and it died in 1 shot. But at the same time, when I saw zombie ACTUALLY work, I literally yelled “WHAT!?” and proceeded furiously with my half-baked plan XD.. Anticlimactic indeed, but I felt so smart tbh lol.

Gur Brar says:

Which should i buy gt6 or nfs..i want variaty in game..any recommend pls.for ps3.

Jordan Koziol-Repia says:

More Excited for this than XV!

Mr. Stay Puft says:

Looking forward to Final Pokémon.

Korahn27 says:

So it’s like pokemon but in a Final Fantasy environmentwith FF style combat?

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