World of Final Fantasy Maxima: Zack Boss Fight

Boss fight against Zack from Final Fantasy 7 in the World of Final Fantasy Maxima.


Silver Robin says:

Where exactly do I find the mission for this? I bought the upgrade on ps4

Brijesh Kumar says:


TheBrokenAngelOfHope 92 says:

I’m happy Zack is in this game, he is such an amazing man with a beautiful dream with a good heart. But there is one thing missing…WHY ISN’T ZIDANE TRIBAL IN THIS GAME!?

Olá Ola, Ola says:

o q q isso??????? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Kixsweet says:


Ethonra says:

Lying down then sees notification-immediate sit up: No way! YES, CHIBI-ZACK!!!!

Gray Gin says:

Sad part is that he renember that he died and now relive his last stand and mako poisioning after sephiroth genesis think

segafan13 says:

Can’t take Zack seriously while being a chibi

shacharco87 says:


KillerOfTheGrave says:

I want zack in the remaster of final fantasy 7 like maybe after you complete the game

Alm3na says:

Is it worth it to replay the game for the maxima content?

Rivera Panera says:


MasterTJT 56 says:

I am definitely getting this game when I get my Switch. I’m so GLAD THEY ADDED ZACK AND THE NEW SWAPPING MECHANIC

Jesse says:

Is that Rick Gomez!?!?

I am Fatcat says:

Still being better than Final Fantasy XV

Pedro Alexandre says:

Omg his death again i can’t take this

sucking dick no homo says:

Wish he ended getting killed like crisis core to make the game even more likable just like with ff7

Nen gamer says:

Já deixei meu like no começo do vídeo, vídeo top

The Jaunted says:

Embrace your dreams and whatever happens, protect your honor AS SOLDIER!!!

Jackal Strife says:

Welcome back, Rick Gomez aka Zack!

Nihlm says:

Runescape all bosses when

AzureFlame says:

wow they still have zacks english voice actor on board

Dante Vic says:

Why they couldnt do zack normal size for the fight.

vanghawj90 says:

Do u have to play it over just to get them(like recapture all the mirages again) or can use a saved file from the first one?

sucking dick no homo says:

So the story focuses mostly on zack? Favoritism

hyperrahim says:

Reminds me of Zack’s fight in kingdom hearts birth by sleep. Both have the same fire.

Nova Star says:


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