World of Final Fantasy Maxima Gameplay Part 1

Here’s some new gameplay of World of Final Fantasy Maxima on Nintendo Switch.
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Clint Man says:

This looks better the Pokémon let’s go. To bad I love Pokémon lol

Pj Taylor says:

If I haven’t brought the game on ps4 I would had got it on switch hopes this bring people back to do pvp on the game

Shoto says:

So it’s like Monster Hunter Stories, just as Final Fantasy?

John Oghomi says:

Alright, if this game can run well on the Switch, Kingdom Hearts can definitely run well

Agent Franks says:

Can u do a review of this. IGN gave it a 7 and said it got boring quickly. This better than Pokémon let’s go?

G3HERO :D says:

The sisters wakeup sounds just sounded like hentai

Sks Osiris says:

Played this game on ps4 loved it.

John LaB says:

…why the-is it, that children can’t the-talk properly anymore? oh the-yeah, games like the-this ….

Dan Alexander says:

Will there be a dlc for PS4 owners to upgrade?

Adam Morkous says:

Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Matt J says:

I see no real difference between this one and the original.

Steel Tarkus says:

This is most likely a better monster battling game than Pokemon LGPE.

itsjuank says:

This is too god dam cute.

God Emperor Kirkwhy says:

I’m so ready to play as my girl Yshtola!

Doug Haller says:

Would you or anybody recommend restarting the game? Also do I actually have to restart the game in order to see the gameplay changes mentioned in the beginning of this video?

CaptainCoolio says:

I only played the demo of it when it came out in 2016 XD

Caleb Foley says:

This crappy game got a final mix basically? Did that many people buy this? Its like brave exvius all over again – a bunch of people playing just because it says final fantasy in the title.

tismeah7 says:

I absolutely loved this game and got pretty far in it too! I don’t know why I stopped playing honestly. At the time it was my most played PS4 game.

david tapia says:

Wow that looks cool if it how much is it how much gigabytes give me the four-one-one because now I’m interested in it because if it looks like freaking Pokemon gotta catch them all LOL

TheStorySoFart says:

This game looks fun, but I can’t the-fucking stand Toma. Makes me want to the-kill myself.

CHOOCHMAN101 says:

I played this game on the PS Vita 2 years ago and loved it. One of my favorite handheld experiences ever. I’ll definitely be picking this up on Switch!

Fraser ODonnell says:

is World of Final Fantasy Maxima just for DLC

Dante Vic says:

I have the limited edition one for the ps4 an have not played it yet

Mental Case says:

Is Noct here?

Jimmy Pettersson says:

no beared but i love ya still giving you a like 😛

John Branch IV Photography says:

How’s the frame rate? The biggest thing I hate about the Switch right now is when these really cool ports come over but they run like ass.

Fábio Nunes says:

i wasnt expecting to see this game on your chanell. ill probably get it for the switch since i didnt have the chance to play it on the ps4

TheMMOptimist says:

Man they really made the art style so blatently Kingdom Hearts based, its bizzare haha.

TwisteDxBoi says:

Oh wow, you can finally play WOFF on the go? Finally I am not shackled indoors by my Vita

JS H says:

You’re the best

chalovak says:

Does it have Japanese voiceover?

Thoren Tricomi says:

World of final fantasy was one of my favorite Vita games. Sucks they aren’t porting the upgrade over to vita.

Lars Grychtolik says:

Nice video 🙂

AZOLO64 says:

Woooh ! loved this game on my vita ! thanks for the footage Arekkz it may look cute and chibi on the surface but it’s a real ff for the fans of turn by turn ! too bad the vita version doesn’t have the DLC oh well i’ll grab it on PC it will look better at least 🙂

Natural86 says:

I want a Chocochick :O

I’ve only played FFVI so I wasn’t sure if I’d get this but I’ll definitely pick it up eventually

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