World of Final Fantasy – Jump Festa 2016 Stage Event Gameplay (Stream Recorded)

World of Final Fantasy
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PS Vita
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix


Eddie Saez says:

This gane looks like shit hate the shibby thing its so stupid, this game will sell 1000 copies in 1 year…

Fernando Sosa says:

I don’t like that is chibi and not normal anime

Sakura Ochida says:

I like tidus totemo sugoi nee. Kawaii arigatou. Germany wommen.❤️

shamzam24 says:

i think i will be getting this game, im having fun playing the mobile app FF Record keepers, playing this will be fun as well.

Benjamin Hurley says:

Definitely a different take on a final fantasy game but it looks pretty charming. I’ll have to pick this up when it’s out. hopefully I will have beaten FFX2 by then

「 VentX 」 says:

I’m more excited for the music than the game, is normal?

Kane Grimnir says:

2:39 wow at the battle loading time lol.

Marco Carbonaro says:

Date of rela se in italy?

Shynruu says:

oh its ATB :/ have to skip then, I wish it was a more traditional TB instead.

Glende says:

Hi can anyone explain me the system, why are the charakters pile each other. Why? I dont get it. Or havent read about it.

Asaru Chaos says:

i cant stand people who are bitching about XV not being a final fantasy game because its not turn based

Ricardo Guajardo says:

Seeing how the first battle finished, my reaction is pretty much “Its like Pokemon mixed with Kingdom Hearts but with only Final Fantasy”. Anyone else getting that vibe?

Hamoda93 says:

I really want to get the ps vita because of the portability, I have a ps4 too so I can remote play, I really need help though if it is worth it I mean the slim version is like 2 years old or one year old don’t remember but yea should I buy it guys or is it for no use because of lack of support from third party users, thanks in andvance and I hope u all are having a great day!

Donald Trump Loves Mexicans says:

This game is Bullshite

werise55 says:

why are the chibi then they turn into nomura art form?

Eren Gamer Boy says:


CodeNameNES1 says:

I’m just super Hyped for Faris !!! FFV is so underrated even though it was really good ! Now if they just add Gilgamesh and Ultros as rideable monsters I’ll be happy !

Also.. DAMNIT SQUALL !!! HOW DARE YOU MURDER YUNIE ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrBacchus says:

Release date?

Shigenari Imaishi says:

Matte! Chotto matte! Are the characters going to be in Chibi form or the other form? Or maybe you get to choose either? Now THAT would be cool!

Jason RandomVid says:

kawaaiiiii xD

Royce Jose says:

is that sunleth waterscape??,

warrior of light says:

will it be open world like the ps1 ff since 1 to 9? please,say yes

Stuart Owen says:

Vita FTW !

Andre Kinoly says:

squall kill yuna noooooo T T

「 VentX 」 says:

The Music is Awesome!!!

Aurumk1 says:

This looks awesome actually. Its on the list!

TheEpicHobo says:

I’m probably gonna buy this anyway but its a shame it uses the ATB gauge instead of the vastly superior traditional turn based that I crave

John Bane says:

Omg this is so cute I love it! xD I will be a nice and welcome break from all that broody emo stuff from XV ;P

Elvis Presley says:

why do the characters keep changing from normal to chibi versions of themselves?

Shiratori Atsuko says:

So Chibi mode lets u ride the monsters u tamed and use their skills whereas normal mode they become pets and u have access to only the MC skills by the looks of it?

Also, its nice that they’re adopting the active turn based system for this one ( reminds me of Grandia II, another fave of mine) , although a hack and slash where you could swap between normal and Chibi mode each with their own pros and cons could be fun as well.

Looks like a good year for Vita title releases this year, along with Toukiden 2, SAO Hollow Realization, Monster Hunter X and Dragon Quest just to name a few coming out later this year 🙂

Seth S says:

what does it mean when you turn big?

Biggreasyhotdog says:

Its been soooooo long since there has been a decent game released for vita i cannot wait for this!

Jenema2 says:

chibi or no, it’s a 2 player co op final fantasy game

Adam Clark says:

I’m so getting this game. Its kinda like Final Fantasy mixed with Blue Dragon.

Mr. Variant says:

This looks like ass. Even record keeper has better graphics and that is a mobile game

B enter last name here says:

final fantasy goes dragon quest?

nonchalantxsteve says:

I wonder if you can change from the chibi form at will

Ben Staunton says:


Shigenari Imaishi says:


stephen serna says:

I’m happy square cared enough to add this on vita aswell for us vita users!

Hannah Banana says:

is this vita or ps4 gameplay?

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