World of Final Fantasy GAMEPLAY — Mirage Hunting, Combat & Exploration!

We recently got a chance to check out World of Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s upcoming JRPG that harkens back to the classic combat of the original Final Fantasy games. Look for it on PlayStation 4 and Vita later this month!

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Yazeed Al-Faran says:

holy shit this is the-sucks.

Sparka J says:

ewww the big head mode and voices are horrible…WHHHHHHHHHHHHHY do this ?W?HYYYYY?WHY 🙁

Melphomin Philyx says:

awe. this game is so cute

Global Warming Skeptic says:

World of Final Fantasy Anime

No thanks.

GodofCopulation says:

Looks like Final Fantasy for toddlers. Played and beat every FF ever made and that includes 11 and 14 and I wouldn’t play this. I might like the combat but this is just goofy. I can no longer take Ifrit seriously after this.

ijulianv says:

This is so cute and so the-weird. I’m trying to decide if I want the Vita or PS4 versions. One is $20 cheaper, and the graphical differences aren’t THAT different. Lol.

Petteri Ahlberg says:

” Man, i love a good adv..” BLAM! sentence cut short by the worst things about RPG’s: random battles…

MarcIndelicato says:

hugly reallly hugly FF is dead

Fa says:

looks like a Nintendo game

Antis14CZ says:

So, from what I can see, I’d like the game for its exterior graphics, throwbacks to FF games, music and maybe gameplay, depending on its depth. And I would absolutely LOATHE it for deformed characters, “cute” mascots, employing children to save the world and annoying verbal tics. Why, Japan? Why do you do this to me?

patience46 says:

this game looks like trash

Batty Flask says:

In an unsurprising twist considering the quality of final fantasy mainline games since 13, this game is a lot more entertaining compared to 15. Admitted, the voice acting is fucking tragic but the rest of the game is solid in terms of mechanics unlike 15 and it’s “hold X and B till enemy dead” playstyle.

Narin San says:

better than lag fantasy 15

Pecto's Revolution says:

Hey really important. Where do I get my dlc items in game?

flameshana9 says:

Thank goodness for Youtube. Now I have a dozen reasons not to buy this game. What a waste.

Ed Williams says:

whoever played this is horrible. running around with 5 potions not using a single one, and needing a pheonix down on the first boss because u forgot to pot? smh

Big Homie says:

I rather listen to this in Japanese.

Alejandro Morales says:

I love the color and level design.

jells31 says:

How long is it? how difficult is it? many difficult optional bosses? complex rpg system? questions.. questions you need to have about square enix these days

xw〈3lfx says:

north american final fantasy fans are the most pretentious, annoying, and ungrateful pieces of shit to ever walk this planet.

Ludens says:

can you become bigger at anytime cause I don’t like the chibi small design

Greg Miller says:

nope nope nope…..

saw this on the psn and thought I would download it. now I’m glad I watched this. I’ll just wait for 15. unless this gets a price drop of 499 I’m not buying this at full price

Monado6 says:

world of cash cow money milking

Viking Gaming says:

they dont even go up to the enemy when attacking? wtf

The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly says:

this looks unbearable with english voice over… the dlc should be standard just so you cant understand those stupid lines that characters says as he says them

Tendo10do says:

Disgusting chibi shit I hate what final fantasy became 😐

jumperchu says:

Serafie and Tapa look like they are part of the Louis Vuitton Murakami collection

Noodle123 says:

I hate how the dialogue gets messed up if you encounter an enemy.

FeltLuckyMe says:

Final Fantasy 13-2: the voice actors’ comeback


Nat says:

Played the demo. It reminds me so much like Pokémon for some reason. I’ll get this game but can you change the voices to the Japanese va’s? They sound horrible

SevenForce80 says:

Game looks like total dogshit and the voice acting is among the most annoying I have ever heard.

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