World of Final Fantasy Gameplay Interview – IGN LIVE: Gamescom 2016

Chibi characters, and a classic storyline lend World of Final Fantasy a distinctly old school feel.

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Josh B says:

chibi vivi.

pikapika51o31o says:

where can i get that sweater she has i want it sooooooo bad


Honestly this game sounds so refreshing.

perveysage777 says:

I hope this game is cross buy so I can play on my ps4 and on my vita

Teddie Sage says:

I can only afford XV, but I promise I will grab World of FF someday.

Jasmine Beaker says:

how much memory will it take on ps vita

Aching Pluto says:

the first place it shows looks like bravely default

Jacob Jesse says:

Can this come to NX

PenumbraTheWolf says:

This is definitely gonna make me feel like I’m home again.

jkbobful says:

This looks pretty good

jon hillman says:

I don’t understand why I’m just now hearing about this game.

PringerXYZ says:

Amnesia? Sigh*

DukstarGaming says:

People haven’t even played XV and they are already just hating on it… wtf!?

GamePlayWorld says:


Otavio Basso says:

I am more excited for this than ffxv

MikeNG IAG says:

through the whole video watching the gameplay i’m like dannggggg!!!!!!!!!

monkeyswag57 says:

cant wait to play as not ventus/roxas. what if this is ventus’ dream

Andrew says:

wow she should appear on every interview from now on !! amazing english and translation quality.

Matthew Li says:

the sister face looks creepy

Mike S says:

Amy did amazing. Everyone did great. I’ll be picking this game up.

eazyedd2 says:

the best RPG are turn base I get they want more people to play but as soon as they stop making them turn base it start going down hill this game will be great

Racist Yuna says:

I would never ride on top a disgusting Jiant. You animals make me sick!

Rick Chop says:

when it was first introduced i didn’t think of it this way but it reminds me of skylanders

Lightissa Eniser says:

I`m still waiting Final Fantasy: Flan Fuckers series.

Messed-up Kid says:

They have this on vita, right?

its obviiouz says:

whaaaaaaaaa ?!?!?!?!?! just take my munnies now!!!!

TheShadowHunter says:

“this is better than FFXV”=biggest troll bait comment ever

Matteso586 says:

Didn’t the children already got introduced to Final Fantasy through Kingdom Hearts?

NarutoStormGamez The Ultimate Anime Gamer says:

preordered Both WOFF and FFXV And As Well KH 2.8

MiiSeeks says:

looks better than XV


love how he nods like he understands english…

monkeyswag57 says:

does that mean that this might have sequels(maybe not direct which would be great sequels but sequels none the less(

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