World of Final Fantasy – 23 Minutes Of Gameplay (PS4) (1080p)

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World of Final Fantasy – 23 Minutes Of Gameplay (PS4) (1080p)

World of Final Fantasy is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan, and October 28 in Europe.


Jonny Hamilton says:

for the love of cuteness

sIeepingmonster says:

Not going to get this. SE have so many games like this a game + character in final fantasy franchise = profit. Final Fantasy games is like iPhone now all the same no new thing to offer. Hope Final Fantasy XV revive the franchise.

That Kiddo Gamer says:

can i use a clip from this video for an upcoming video? I’ll be sure to give credit 🙂

「 VentX 」 says:


Chris Doran says:

I dunno it looks kinda lame with the 3 characters all stacked on the heads

David Gomez says:

do good little animals always stay on your characters head?

MrGilRoland says:

That awkward moment when you summon a summoner.


the look like “My Sims” lol

Willy Hadinata Halim says:

love chibi `

ian spazynski says:


Kamikazu says:

Dat overload of cuteness. I’m in. I’M SO IN.

gamerprince1999 says:


Pablo Suárez says:

Random encounters, pass.

Mad Lust Envy says:

Cute, but nothing that screams OMG I NEED IT. Looks like the gameplay will get boring very quickly.

Shiro Sora says:

finsl fantasy pokemon

BlitzAceX says:

This game is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too “kawaii culture” for me.. hopefully the english voicings arent so displacing and cutesy.. the animation alone should be enough, but its literally a squeak fest here… im upset because I WANT this but prolly wont buy it because its too annoying

washu072 says:

I need this in my life right now

Final Fantasy says:

Why are they refusing to use the classic FF fanfare in the new games? It’s like they want to make sure they feel less FF-like. Fuck this stupid company!

Shadow Walker says:

Did he just seriously catch that Chocobo Hatchling in a fuckin Pokeball?!

GamingRetrospective says:

This game looks incredible. Its so smooth and the aesthetic is awesome.

Bigmenno says:

do you need to fight cool endbosses? then i buy it lol

HecticNova says:

I’m so lost, I don’t know if I should get this or not.

awesomemanspiff says:

Looks cool but please tell me I can NOT have things on my head during battle!?

Jeffrey Foreman says:

Turn based cuteness..I’m all in. This, Type 0, 15, and KH 2.8..I gotta get a ps4 by Christmas.

SimplisticBeing says:

World of BLITZBALL!!!

Keim Jones says:


Noctis Kami says:

I hope this keep me very busy until final fantasy 15 comes out

Kyle Long says:

7:27 wth? why are they on top of each other? lmao

DRAKE says:

Heck yeah if I wasn’t sure before now I am, definitly getting the collectors edition

WindowOfFantasy says:

sob sob I will pray to have PS4 someday

Corey Mckee says:

just pre ordered the limited edition with the artbook and the sephiroth summon! I need this!! this is the perfect way to Hype up for FF15

Raven x Sakura says:

Its sooo cute ;-;

Errol Freeman says:

Oh wow…this game is so cute it’s stupid (in a good way) bwhahahah!

QuinBart says:

That battle theme tho. The ost is gonna be great.

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