What’s New? Final Fantasy IX PS4 Gameplay and Features!

Just a quick video to show you all what you get when you buy Final Fantasy 9 on the PSN store. I will do a full walkthrough of Final Fantasy 9 but not until I finish Final Fantasy X. I can’t do both at the same time but I may post a few videos from time to time.

What is Final Fantasy 9?
Final Fantasy IX is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console. Originally released in 2000, it is the ninth title in the Final Fantasy series and last to debut on the original PlayStation console. In 2010, it was re-released as a PSone Classics title on the PlayStation Network. The game introduced new features to the series like the Active Time Event, Mognet, and a unique equipment and skill system.

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BaHaMuT says:

Yes, the Steam version DOES have achievements. And platinum for PS4 players is possible now more than ever with the embedded features the game has, like the speed up booster. Honestly, I give a fuck about boosters, wanna feel that old hardcoreness the game gives you. I played it when I was a child, where no guides and no internet were available, you socialized these RPGs.

Mark says:

thanks suzy for the vid and the mini review i will be buying this now for the ps4 as i have not been on Final Fantasy IX and it looks great so yea i am off to go and download it

Gameslayer 9000 says:

Interesting might consider it

Autismo says:

I’ll probably be getting just for the Theme and avatars lol. Too bad they didn’t give you any avatars for FF7 on PS4. They should of made it so that FF9 could fit 1080p tvs, though.

Lance guo says:

I’m still remember, I’m set old Final Fantasy IX Wallpaper in my old laptop in older day.

Vegesther says:

Trance mode cheat is also for infinite hp and mp however a 9999 damage attack can still kill you with this cheat ie ozma using a 9999 damage to all meteor spell so still save the game before attempting to fight it even with both this cheat and the instant lv to 99 cheat used.

Phillip Peacock says:

Which button for the ATE (active time events) as we now have a PS4 controller??

Zero4ph says:

I’m really worried that I’m not going to platinum this game those 2 trophies are hard 1000 jumps on jump rope mini game and Excalibur II (play less than 12 hrs) did platinum FFVII,X-X-2,XIII Trilogy and XV.

MadSense says:

Damn, I’ve played XII, World of FF, Type-0, and playing XV right now. Guess I’ll have to play IX right after haha

Chandler Baker says:

bc.. its final fantasy and you need to grind as you go… more true words have never been spoken lol lvl 10 cloud before meeting Avalanche? and I mean come on.. those springs were put there for a reason… 3 days in one spot… is obviously what they meant for us to do lol

BaHaMuT says:

PS: Benaro and Zenaro mini game achievement gave me more trouble than the “jumping the ropes” one

All Yours says:

Spam the button on the jump sequence it’s so easy just look at any YouTube video

Anik Don'tPanic says:

After FFXII fast forward option, all RPG games feel unbareable at times. I am so happy they did this! Hope they do it with FFVIII too!

Stephen Young says:

Totally my favourite FF, had everything i looked for in an rpg and gonna happily do everything all over again for it lol….except excalibur 2, which i nvr understood

Compartment Monlo says:

Hey Suzy, letting you know that I had Ad blocker enabled when I clicked this video. 🙂


Alexander Luna says:

I absolutely HATE the new battle menu and text but the updated models and high speed are great, bought it just for the speed upgrade so i can grind easier than on the ps3/vita version

andrew cairns says:

i already have it on my psn store on my vita so i guess i gotta buy it yet again?

The Pink Ranger Helmet Gamer says:

I don’t get it it’s been on ps3 store for 10 years and it’s only £7.00. It’s the original version which is the best version and don’t really care about the updates. I like playing like it was intended yes it’s annoying but you got to remember the time it came out and what not

MrReysor says:

Hmmmm… I think imma play ff9 again lol….

The Prophet says:

Please full playtrough with Suzy lu!

Gaming Dude says:

I duno if you encounter this, or anybody but when I listen very closely at the evil forest when you in the prima vista I heard in my speaker some little bit cut in? Some music in this, I find some I duno how to descibe it, like Static? Idk

Afirstname Alastname says:

Valkyria Chronicles Avatars! now that’s interesting.

Invizable99 says:

9 is my favourite

Joseph Freese says:

It’s nearly anime quality. This is one of the single greatest games ever made. For me I consider this the best Final Fantasy.

Shadowfang says:

“You need to grind” actually… nope…. not in 9 XD

NobushinGaming says:

They should bring back Final Fantasy 8 on PS4!

Gaming Dude says:

But yea Sad that you cant play it since u playing FFx but I understand, BUT this holds a VERY SPECIAL place in my heart and u miss the otheer cheat Infinite gill 999 dam and ulimited trance mode

a starving african child says:


BigBrotherWii says:

This is actually the first Final Fantasy I’ve played in it’s entirety, and this has nothing but beautiful memories in my heart. Everything about this game was just so….magical.

Greg Moore says:

I know where the Ultima Sword is, after Upgrading your Chocobo.

AstroCyborg says:

was really hoping it’d get the ff12 treatment instead of just a pc port

TheCanonGamer (Infa-Red5) says:

Soon as I get my PS4 back I’m getting this.

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