WELP! I GOT SCREWED…..F1 Fantasy Game Raceweek 2 – aarava YouTube League Breakdown!

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48fanfromky says:

Pretty decent week for me with 172 points and now I’m up to 4,154th in your league!
Verstappen (turbo)
Hulkenburg (only thing that really killed my team)

Red Bull

AOR SmokingPuppy841 says:

Well done Aarav for having the biggest league in the world!

Minh Le says:

Thank god I swapped Hulkenburg out for Sainz

tonkatoytruck says:

The DNF’s in the last two races has really thrown many of us for a loop. I just want a clean race for a change. I go my NOTELLN in your league.

rensuchan says:

I think showing previous weeks teams is broken. I made major changes (used a wildcard) and it still displays my team for this week rather than my actual team from Azerbaijan when looking.

Add me to the list of people that got burned by Hulkenberg twice though lol, though this week it wasn’t his fault.

Keeperodd says:

I dont think the changes from week 1 and 2 shows correctly. It doesnt on my own team, so Im guessing some atleast did change it, but the site isnt perfect yet.

irsyad ardhiansyah says:

I have Kimi, Gasly, Hulkenberg DNF

TWC Cookson says:

I’m only just 116th with 366 points could still get top 100…. maybe

rouge06 says:

i had the exact same team as you except i had Sainz instead of Hulkenburg.

RobbyTHD98_UK says:

I didn’t do too badly this week in F1 Fantasy. Only lost points to Hulkenberg.

Jumpman Sam says:

I got more points in the last raceweek than you in the last two

Ayush Gupta says:

I changed Hulkenberg for Sainz at the last min that saved me

Deshawn Seneviratne says:

Mate I am 2000 something

HojozVideos says:

I didn’t score that high.

Had Ocon in my team as Turbodriver, also had Leclerc. Many regrets for not making him turbodriver. Also had Hamilton and Red Bull though, so not that bad.

Marlon veld says:

I had the same team as you lol. Unfortanutely, I made a team with Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz, Alonso and Perez or Magnussen or something but the game didn’t save it…

Saâd SQ says:

why i can’t change my team now the race wenkend ended yesterday

jamar edwards says:

Im in 9th place in ur league from barbados. I like watching you videos. keep doing a good job

James Woods says:

@Aarava I only started this week and have already beaten you by 6 Points

Allflattious says:

920th in the league so far, think you failed to mention that Jbear is 2nd globally in F1 Fantasy!

AOR SmokingPuppy841 says:

Accidentally I have almost had the same team as Aarav.

Legolas Good says:

Aarava can you put LeClerc in

Andreas says:

Im number 5553 atm

Der Nesor says:

inb4 you change Hulk and next race he gets his first podium and 60 points

Ciaran Mc Nulty says:

I’m better than aarava

Angrydad Gaming says:

I’m last lol

Dafoet says:

i had hulkenberg, turbo magnussen, alonso, vettel, verstappen and red bull = 159 points

adaml83 says:

13483 in the league…using the wild card for Monaco.

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