TOP DISSIDIA PLAYERS | Final Fantasy Dissidia BETA Gameplay Walkthrough

The final Final Fantasy Dissidia Beta is live on PS4 and here is my first proper attempt at learning how to play with Zidane. I will only be showing Final Fantasy Dissidia Zidane gameplay as he is the one I want to get good with. I will be playing Final Fantasy Dissidia all week so if you are a Patreon on my PS4 friends list then join the team!

Steejo –

What is Final Fantasy Dissidia?
Dissidia Final Fantasy is a fighting game with action RPG elements developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable as part of the campaign for the Final Fantasy series’ 20th anniversary.

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vincent marandola says:


pupulicious says:

I’m glad you can’t hear your opponent’s voice chat lol. It would be so chaotic. Also, lots of cursing.

Byakuyauchiha94 says:

when the game lags like this my friend says its not that bad its only making it slower but I get messed up with lag so yeah I hate the lag

Mandalore08 says:

I honestly came for the thumbnail. I’m kinda partial towards FF9. Pretty sure it was my first RPG and Vivi’s probably my favorite character. Really wish he was in the game.

Nick Rolo says:

Btw onion knight is a guy

Sam Roberts says:

Using my favorite character since the first dissia on PSP. Addicted to that gameplay as if it was my life. Are you going to be doing a full series on this when I comes out. If you do I’d be so hyped for it.

Nick Rolo says:

I used to play dissidia on psp, m cecil was so op haha

Sumana Hossain says:

🙂 I love you Suzy lu

Emothical Johno says:

I love Scottish Dissidia xD

chris71879 says:

nice games, btw you can turn the kupo help off in settings

Dan Arthur says:

so what’r those gils for? can u show us how the shop works?

Down Under The Sun says:

Even with lag, you guys still kicked some serious butt! Top players indeed. Well done.

DarkRoom Games says:

It’s so crazy to see Zidane not as his old blocky PS1 self! Very cool!

I'm Your NME says:

Oh god xd Suzy i need you to not 1v1 vanguards as Zidane :d

ultimateninja76 says:

I was wondering why no noctis is in this video it’s the first 2 says of the beta

Wizzrobotix says:

Bought two of the Dissida games on Playstation Vita around a year’ish ago; not played them much yet, but bet it’s cool once you got the hang of it. 🙂 Fighting goes real fast, and puts your focus in high gear. Felt like a even more rapid style of Turbo Street Fighter II.

windows 95 says:

You can turn the moogle off in settings if he’s annoying you. :p

Badass Gamer2017 says:

Hi suzy lu i love watching your gameplays

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