Forged Fantasy gameplay – what do you think of Forged Fantasy?

The new Hero Hunters? New game in alpha testing available in Canada and US only (ANDROID only).

*DISCLAIMER* I work for Hothead Games. I make videos not for work, but as a hobby. I do not receive help in-game, or have received any sort of currency, nor am I sponsored to make these videos. All the purchases made in-game is out of my own pocket. I am unable to help you related to the game – as I am not here to be a customer support, but can give advice and can take feedback. (Am not part of the development of the game – but can pass feedback when I can).


Ethan Awesome says:

I’ve never seen a game so similar to another… like seriously

Youcant Stopme! says:

I think it’s good.

David Correa says:


Thanh Nguyen says:

Stupid Dev ran out of ideas so they copied hero hunters so lame

Greenbay 103 says:

This game is cool and all but I really hope there is a hole lot different from hero hunters, because then it would kinda just be lazy if there were differentiation from each game, but it looks cool

MysteryMrR says:

So same game new skin. Wow

BOBQWERTY 000 says:

It should do less damage as an auto hit because it would be op in pvp or just remove auto hit from pvp and leave it in campaign

John Southerland says:

Like it but i quit hero hunters. New heros every month but they are primarily pay crate only and you have to have them for all the events that month. One hero will be in town hall or dojo but takes 2 weeks just to unlock them.

Fabian Jimenez says:

It looks really similar

Chris Joslet says:

It seems to me like you’d play either one or the other. You could get fans who are more fans of the fantasy genre of games over the more action, fps shooter genre fans that HH draws. But as others have said, it’s basically the same game. I don’t see many players of HH playing FF though, for that reason.

BlessedWrxrh _ says:

The game will be a wipe???? ((((
I have 50lvl((

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