The First 20 Minutes of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Gameplay – PAX 2017

Here is the first 20 minutes of gameplay for the mobile remake for Final Fantasy XV.

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Samsereiphalkun Chey says:

Man can you at least have stable 30fps ==

Jed Martins says:

Where is Florence’s song? I was so excited to hear it.

Blond Afro says:

Looks surprisingly good. The art style and grafics are nice for an mobile game. Just wondering, how they pull of some of the later Parts

Matheus Viana says:

Will this game have dungeons? I know there won’t will have side-quests but the dungeons will still be present?

NuclearCheetos 15 says:

They’re milking every single drop from Ff15.. is all this pandering really necessary?

MewStor says:

Make a 3DS version with 3D support and I’m sold

Insane Werewolf says:

I actually liked 15 but…I can’t keep a straight face watching this! XD

mcdonkey500 says:


Rentaro Deus says:

Switch version

Irving Malcolm Cáceres says:

Couldnt they animate the texture on their faces? This is garbage edition.

NaziSled says:

i strongly feel like this is an insult to life itself

sunny day says:

but why? why was this made? what a huge waste of time

Hathur says:

The mechanic gal’s voice always cracks me up.. in game (i mean the real version not this mobile one) She looks to be no older than 20 at most, but is voiced clearly by a woman in her 40s or 50s. The boys at least sound right for their age.. but for some reason the mechanic sounds 20-30 years older than she appears.

Akemi Sayaka says:

Lol the shills. If anything SE needs to focus on other things besides the abomination that was 15

urafaget says:


Vjuego says:

I love it, remember that there are in this world, third world people like me who do not have money to buy a PS4 but all people have a mobile. Thank you Square.

A_z Snake_Head says:

This pocket version is still open world, right? Please tell me…

Crimson Raider says:

I honestly want this on the switch…i havent been able to sit down and finish the console xbox version. Itd be cool to take it on the go

Matheus Viana says:

Where’s the victory fanfare at ends of battle? Otherwise, this looks awesome to play on a phone.


defies all sense

Hazama91350 says:

I love it! Maybe there will be a character switch!

Richard Ilie says:

No Stand By Me?

Dakota Donnelly says:

This is great for mobile but we do not need a switch version

archangelj says:

This is pretty cool for mobile version.

Gean C says:

What I don’t get is… what do the owners of the real FFXV get from this? I mean why should we buy this when we already have the 1000× superior version?

SirBlueWizard says:

Glad to see SE taking advantage of all of the Switch’s horsepower ^^

Myer Brown says:

When is this out… This is kinda cool

OctoberBlues89 says:

Omg chibi Cindy is so adorable, I would destroy her…

Brian Medina says:

I kinda wish they reworked the gameplay to be turn based. I have no need to play a not as good FFXV on mobile, while a good twist on it like turn based would have made this a must own.

Jake fisher says:

Now I can experience 15 lol.

眩暈夢 says:


Sam says:

Gladdy’s been skipping leg day.

Tommy Yau says:

You heard it first here guys, what we’ve all been asking for. Arden and Ifrit backstories to be revealed in Pocket Edition …

thdotaku says:

Wtf did i kust watch?Is this for ps VITA?

Devin the Legend says:

Noctis has an onion head

Theita_ 231 says:

This is hilariously bad and good.

Resvrgam says:

All this does is reinforce the sentiment that modern Final Fantasy games are all style & no substance.

This looks absolutely terrible. It’s 2017 and we can’t even have moving mouths in this cutscene-heavy chibi abomination?!

WTF were they thinking? Without the pretty visuals to carry the shortcomings of a mediocre story and boring mechanics, this game is a steaming digital turd.

lyhthegreat says:

why does this game even exist??

Trackers89 says:

Looks like Gladio skipped leg day.

Secret Garden Channel says:

Hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm! hmm.

Stuart Campbell says:

People love to hate.

Jimmie M says:

So pretty much the same game but chibi characters….. Pass!

Mirrorwood Comics says:

This looks nasty.

Mirrorwood Comics says:

This looks nasty.

Kinder Grinder says:

Say what you want, but the combat here looks better than in ”regular” FFXV.

ShawnyBoyMusic says:

People complain about everything. This looks fine and if you don’t like it then just ignore it.

lilly watson says:

Looks better than PS4 version.

Gordo Maldito says:

Mobile Gayming is going to kill videogames and I don’t want to be here when it happens. I am going to kill myself.

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