TEKKEN 7 – Noctis Gameplay Trailer NEW (Final Fantasy XV)

TEKKEN 7 – Noctis Gameplay Trailer NEW (Final Fantasy XV)
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Kirby C says:

Damn I should have bought that discounted season pass. shit is fucking worth it. 2 new stage with an amazing details, 2 characters, costumes and also the meh, tekken ball game mode.

LandscapeManX says:

Noctis kills the Tekken Universe.

SupremeTV says:

fuck him, where is ANNA?!?!?!?!?!

Hero Flame says:

OK ma boi is Noct in the game looking forward to this.

Alessandro Mazza says:

C’mon, Tifa would have been a better FF guest character for Tekken (plus, boobs, and those sell well among weebs). Noctis should have been in the upcoming SoulCalibur

Ty_ teynium says:

Devil may cry HD collection and Monster Hunter world collaboration coming soon!!!!

Stanley Cole says:

This trailer makes me wish pile bunkers were in FXV lol.

five fives says:

Does anyone know the song at the end?

OG Bobby Thompson says:

They need to add John Wick

Enda Gallagher says:

He looks overpowered as fuck…

enriquepowers says:

Shouldn’t they like put him in Soul Calibur? I mean Tekken always uses fists than weapons.

kwizle15 says:

So you can’t freely customize him and he’s not dubbed…. This season pass man…

Kross The Impact says:

God damit kenny

kättis says:

TES theme ripoff?

Marra Lovella Borongan says:

Noctis outfits are all awesome, specially the hood one.

newfacepaula says:

meh… Geese > Gon > Akuma/Gouki > Noc Gar.

don’t me wrong i like Noctis design wise but here? meh.

Justin Henderson says:

“You will like Noctis as a character because we like Noctis as a character” – Square Enix since FFXV’s release.

It’s like its Lightning all over again.

Killer Quality says:


LuLucid says:


Candas Turan says:

A few new costumes wouldn’t hurt ..

Steve Phrasavath says:

Nice alright & thanks!

Aarein Williams says:

Why? Fighting games are running out of ideas, i swear. If anything, he clearly belongs in soul caliber. They just keep adding more characters, more flashy lights and gimmicks to games. The novelty and mechanics are stag asf. Nomore innovation anymore

K.? A! says:

Yesssssddddddssssddddfftuit xi y

Shervin Molavi says:

noctis is op for a tekken game

JunDageki says:

please remove this weeb garbage from my perfect game, tyvm

AquaThunderKnight17 says:

First Cloud in Super Smash Bros., now Noctis in Tekken…man, Final Fantasy is making a resurgence in its efforts to take over the world.

niwink says:

Makes more sense to put him in SCVI

Link Hybrid says:

This Dude looks so weak but can fight better then Sayan. Fuckin Logic in this Universe

niwink says:

How is this king of iron fist?

Zerus Zephuros says:

I need that Noctis’s costume with the hoodie in FFXV’s game!

AotearoaTekkenDooD says:

AWW YEAH! One More week then I Hunt people online with this guy.
i also need to get the Royal edition of FFXV wen i get the chance

Kill Biscuit says:

tekken is now more soul calibur then soul calibur xdd

Csumbi says:

the shittiest season pass i have ever seen

Kings Slayer says:

Man i wish cidney was a playable character. I would blue ball everyone including kuma

Nghia Nguyen says:

What a waste of potential to bring any other character, no instead you bring this piece of shit.

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