SpellForce III Gameplay – EPIC RTS/RPG Fantasy Game

SpellForce III Gameplay – EPIC RTS/RPG Fantasy Game

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Chickens for the Chicken god says:

There’s even worse monsters in Australia then the child eater a eagle (forgot its specific name) drops flaming torches in bushfires to flush out prey creating even more bushfires

Scott Boyer says:

This reminds me of warlords battlecry 3. I love that game and would definitely enjoy watching you play Spellforce 3 if you’re having fun.

Michael-John Douglas says:

hahah dead demon bandits

Ashley Pearce says:

Looks like warhammer 40k Dawn of War

matthew he says:

You should do another third age battle for the last alliance scenario I feel like the old one u made was too short and the orcs were defeated too quickly

Joseph Joestar says:

Is it like heroes of annihilated?

Hiper Pixel says:

yay (:

Breim BD0203 says:

batman taro tv series this december 3 2016 sunday 3AM on trutv

music by shirley walker

opening theme

愛の戦士タロウ by ichiro mizuki
trust you forever by Yoshifumi Ushima
6 ultra brother by soichiro hoshi

ending theme

ウルトラマン物語~星の伝説~ by ichiro mizuki

beat on dream on by tomohiko kikuta

voice cast

soichiro hoshi batman taro/bruce wayne
hideyuki tanaka zoffy/gajeel redfox
misa watanabe nefertari vivi
kotono mitsuishi captain america/lisanna uzumaki
masaya matsukaze captain america jack/daisuke aurora
daisuke namikawa father of ultra/jellal fernandes
michiko neya mother of ultra/meredy
yuki kaji issei hyoudou
yoko hikasa rias gremory

recurring roles

yuka iguchi sherry blendy
masaya matsukaze ren akatsuki
yuki kaji lyon vastia

Nej Tack says:

If you want to play new RTS, did you know that AoE4 is coming out? Just got annouced 😀

Fungus8mycrab says:

Omg seeing Apollo not using the attributes section was driving me crazy! xD

Sary Chea says:

I watch all of your videos

Damon Hawkes says:

pls more

nefarious k says:


Gabriel Coelho says:

Finally a new RTS warcraft game 😛

Panch422 says:

yes more please!!!

Dwarfurious says:

I like fantasy worlds with Dwarves but thats just too much to ask sometimes apparently >:/

Croma says:

reminds me very much of Warcraft 3

Jie Hua Hu says:

What does dues vult mean

Erich Poirier says:

Distribute your attribute points when you level!! It was driving me crazy all game. How did you not see the plus symbols next to your Attributes!?

Gamer05863 says:


Wincenty Abak says:

Spellforce 1 and expansions were an absolute masterpiece and one of best games ever, still holding up both graphically and gameplay wise. 2 was absolute garbage and this one seems to just replicate old and boring tropes, wow humans, elves and orc, when in first game we got at least 7 races and hundreds of completely different heroes and paths for them? Won’t even mention first one lore and narrative, it was just EPIC perfectly transitioning small scale quests into grander goals. I still remember at least 10 different maps and quests from the first one, from Arena that you got into after collecting pieces of mozaik and rescuing priness frogs, to desert traders in conflict ambushing our allies with bombs. Absolute spark of genius, much like first Majesty, forever in pantheon of greatness.

gungerling123 says:

More of this

Fuku Dymio says:

elves are disgusting orcs are cool

Ward Vos says:

So it’s just age of Empires 2.0?

Gambit Gen says:

You got to use the attributes stat points you receive

Andre Wilsenach says:

you’ll probs destroy me at this game dude so please play more , post your videos and I’ll learn from master to one day become the master haha lol. was wondering about the game but now I believe it’s a must have! thanks

Tanner Jackman says:

Love the video Apollo thank you. Can you pleas make more.

Jacob McDaniel says:

More please

Crystal KingZ says:

I came for the the thumbnail.

wMdKkiller says:

Australia only has monsters there because they broke the law and had to be sent there 😉

J J says:

What happened to the dwarves

Sary Chea says:

I subscribe to video’s and i hit the bell

Παντελης Γαλιωνης says:

It was great.Definitely I’d like to see more

Bob Motster says:

That commentary, though! You, sir, have to be on major media channels.

Caleb Balch says:

This was very entertaining and I hope to see more in the future!

Shiki Samekto says:

Try divinity original sin pixi

Ben Goodman says:

The only scary thing in Australia is the USD compared to AUD, FML

cairo Jameson says:

Aussie fucking pride mate 😉

alwayswnbeme says:

Can you show which races are available in this game next time?

Je kale Moeder says:


Victory Dab says:

“And you know I got the juice baby” – Chief Keef… Aka the juice is your new vids Apollo.

J Boogie says:

Loved watching this!

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