Spellforce 3 Beta Gameplay – The Next Fantasy RTS is Here!


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Vladimir VojtaML says:

Who had the Netherbeasts in second one?

Thiago Aquino says:

That seems like a cool game. Hooray

DX_Kidjal says:

WHAT? Omg…I love Spellforce series. Whoa…

Niels Zumbrink says:

omg that townhall bell sound… soooo familiar from like all games 😀

playwars lemassacreur says:

Let’s just hope they don’t fuck this one up…..

TheGamingHandHD says:

holy shit i played spellforce 2 and thought it was pretty good but this is the best holy fuck

The rust man says:

Do Some one no IF its a camping in this game

Dusky Racer says:

So your telling me that a SF 1 and 2 exist on your SF 3 video? I had no idea!


Sound of town center like a sea port) I don’t like this intrusive sound.

Groudon59 says:

No titans in spell-force 3?

Dwarfurious says:

fucking spellforce. I never really got into the series, seemed to be pretty awful compared to the much better RPG/RTS’s at the time. But then they went and removed the Dwarves as a playable race so fuck that series, just like Disciples.
Would much prefer a Warlords Battlecry 4!

LordOfJonkeys says:

You could actually change the middle into a fortress, not actually like you repair it but with some archers on the wall ruined and some catapults and it’s a fortress ._.

Lord Vader says:

ohhhh m’y god you have a fucking key to this game please do more

SkyTech RTS says:


Robert bubák says:

There is just one thing to say. How do I get into this beta? I NEED IT 😀

cryinghellwolf says:

Thank you for your channel i enjoy rts games and all and thanks to you i can watch some and you are good at it

DysDust says:

Ah… A challenge worthy of my skills!

Tentacles says:

is he enlightned?

Jesse Antonio Manzo says:


Dukoth says:

can you still take control of your character in a 3rd person perspective?

AlexanToNY says:


TheLionWarrior 25 says:

omg omg omg omg omg i have been waiting so SO LONG FOR THIS !! ROFL U BETTER DO THE CAMPAIGN OR I WILL BE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DISSAPPOINTED!!!!! also lets all hope they dont fuk up like the second one

Darth Panzer says:

Looks dank, ish.

Maethen Dias says:

“what is spellforce”
no, people who dont know spellforce should be burned alive

Avi says:

Spell Force 1 was just magical, one of my favorite games ever, then Spell Force 2 came out and it felt like a whole another game, couldn’t play it for over an hour and I was hoping the third one would be more similar to the first but eh 🙁

Ryan L says:


Marmar Blac'Thunder says:

Well i hope they don’t fuck this like the second one.

Hilldric says:

this seems really fun
reminds me of warcraft 3 really, shame I never played any of the Spellforce in the series

Volk of Carlton says:

Marauder not Marodeur. ENGRISH

Dalitas D says:

i loved the 2nd game, sure it had loads of bugs and the schirmish didnt really work but the main story was amazing, i was long and had an amazing story. the 2nd game had a bit of cartoonsih look to it yes but i think i prefer that to the more realistic look we get in this game. Hope they dont fu*k it up

Șerbănoiu Eduard of house Valrak says:


Tentacles says:

Finally something about this game!

Marcell Kunics says:

omg it looks so good *-*

Bart Broekhuizen says:

what will be the races/factions?

Orka DRLJAČA says:

game looks gorgeous….hope campaign story will be amazing as sf2 shadow wars

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