SNES Final Fantasy VI (III US) Full Gameplay 1080p

UPDATE 7-24-2015: 60 FPS version at

Start-to-finish, this is a tool-assisted full run of Final Fantasy VI (III US). Most random battles have been cut to speed things up a bit.

This is not intended to be a walkthrough! I’ll occasionally take wrong turns and make wrong decisions intentionally for a fuller viewing experience.

Recorded using RetroArch v0.9.9 with bsnes v092 Performance Core. Processed with AVISynth and a bunch of other tools.


00:00:00 Opening
00:01:27 Prologue
00:03:59 Journey to Narshe
00:05:58 Attack on Narshe
00:08:15 BOSS FIGHT: Whelk
00:10:24 Meeting the Frozen Esper
00:11:14 Awakening & Escape (Terra’s Introduction)
00:14:20 Dark Past
00:15:58 Trail-worn Traveler
00:17:23 The Moogles
00:19:23 BOSS FIGHT: Marshal & Lobo
00:21:44 The Classroom for the Beginner
00:27:50 Attempted Re-entry


00:28:36 Cave Under Construction
00:28:57 The Desert Castle
00:29:30 The King of Figaro (Edgar’s Introduction)
00:34:15 Choice of Freedom (Sabin’s Introduction)
00:36:08 Kefka’s Arrival
00:40:20 Castle Under Attack
00:42:33 BOSS FIGHT: M-TekArmor
00:44:50 Quest to Meet Banon
00:46:26 Cave of South Figaro
00:47:28 The Southern Town
00:48:49 The Town’s Pub & The Assassin (Shadow’s Introduction)
00:53:48 Cottage of Nostalgic Memories


00:54:59 Passage Through Mt. Kolts
00:57:10 BOSS FIGHT: Vargas
01:01:54 Brothers Reunited
01:03:51 The Returner’s Hideout
01:04:25 Pandora’s Box
01:08:30 Terra’s Reluctance & A Hasty Decision
01:11:36 Soldier’s Nightmare
01:12:26 Trouble at the Mountains
01:13:02 Escape Through the Lete River
01:17:51 The Journey to Regroup at Narshe


01:18:16 Continuing Onward to Narshe


Jason Edwards says:

Awesome video. This is not a complaint at all. I’ve never played so curious as to all the esper skill switches after battle.

RaXZerGamingZ says:

kingdom hearts names in this game…Fenrir , Terra , etc…

daAmazin FatB0y says:

damn. It actually looks best on Snes than every other platform. better than ps1 & android.

Wesley Allen says:

has anyone watched this in its entirety? lolz

saku asakura says:

very nice video, I really enjoy watching it!!

computergeeq says:

Is this the original or the remake?

NoName says:

11 hours ?! wheres my popcorn

Do Ma says:

Is the motion blur just a by-product of the video capturing method, or does this particular version of the game have that feature? It looks nice.

Swordfish T says:

Next time, maybe you could demonstrate the sword Ragnarok using effect to us.

Icon Strife says:

I gotta say, Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire 2 is better than this.

Sebastian Foster says:

It Seems. Looks nice. fireman separate 1!

Hoodini Soar says:

8:34:56 it was the little girl Relm for me, is there a reason mine was different?!

DropTheHat / AntonyCraft75 says:

Who loves FF music?

Reddo Dikuu says:

Cleared this game more than 5 times. How is this only 11 hours XD my fastest is 3 days lol

Денис Голубев says:

Супер! Спасибо за труд и хорошее качество. Понастальгировал…

Swordfish T says:

Could you make a video of FF7 like this?

Keith Varley says:

Me, my bro and my dad would always play FFVI. Unlike my brother, me and my dad prefer this to VII. The only thing I really liked about VII is Sephiroth.

Alex King says:

Hey, yo! It’s excellent. daffy grin What do you think… 1!

Fuck yourself then fuck me .-. says:

Original ff ❤️
Gotta love retro styled games.

Swordfish T says:

Is this made by TAS?

X031 says:

This is amazing. I applaud the guy who make this video

C. Andrew Williams says:

The slight blur during movement is awesome!

laaarsas says:

Does the SNES version have the FMV:s of the Playstation version?

Red bunnies says:

thank you so so much for this! brings back so many memories to me ; u;

Bruce Riggs says:

Hey man, I just wanted to say I really appreciate this video. You did this game a great service by covering all of it so well, and cutting out the battles so nicely. This is one of the greatest games to ever have existed and you did it a good service with this video.

Cancerino says:

2:09:55 Train suplex scene

Angelo Gaming says:

i hate it when ur about to lose they autosave it then everytime u restart u keep losing and u have no choice to start the whole entire thing again

Swordfish T says:

That Dirt Dragon could be took down by spell Vanish then Doom.

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