SEXIEST BACKRUB EVER! | Final Fantasy X-2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14

It’s been too long since I had a Final Fantasy on the channel & because you all loved Final Fantasy X so much I’ve decided to complete that series and play Final Fantasy X-2. I hope you enjoy the Final Fantasy X-2 gameplay and I will try and get the best Final Fantasy X-2 ending.

What is Final Fantasy X-2?
Final Fantasy X-2 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation 2, as the direct sequel to Final Fantasy X. The game’s story follows the character Yuna from Final Fantasy X as she seeks to resolve political conflicts in the fictional world of Spira before it all leads to war.

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DJAB87 says:

You need to go into Garment Grids in the menu and set dresspheres in each grid before you can use it.

AlecTheEpicGamer says:

Awesome video and i am a new sub i sub to you sometime this morning i think anyway keep it up and i think your very beautiful

BlackRoseImmortal Gaming says:

Great video Suzy! I uploaded a video of the Leblanc massage on my channel some time ago. It was my first play thru of X-2. Ah, memories..

Alfred H says:

Oh Suzy… when did you get so GOOD at giving massages?

star gamer says:

Kill me

Alfred H says:

Oh my god calling Seymour: Semen. You made me choke on my drink.

Nab Chap says:

i like when suzy is naughty ;p

Mandalore08 says:

Never liked massages myself. I’d rather just live with the back pain.

jae an says:

in the bevelle chapter u get chances to get rare items and dressspheres but they are hard to get. after the platforms fighting 2 bosses u can see there are 3 more panels than needed. move those until u can climb down to get the accessory ribbon. it blocks all status conditions. dont leave until u get the dark knight dressphere. when u reach the 3 lifts and the middle one doesnt work. use one of the side ones and go up. move toward the bottom of the screen and jump off. u can go to the middle one now. use that one and then go back and switch the rides so that the other one is down and the other one is up. then go to the middle one again. u should see the dressphere in a chest in a cutscene with baralai.

ShadowWriter45 says:

Your able to use all of them; you just need to equip them with dresssphers and then equip them to Yuna, Rikku, and Paine like normal. Good luck in Bevelle; you are going to need it especially when you get to the final boss.

Albin Jackson says:

Ooooooh there’s seamen on the wall

4EverGamer X says:

For massage:
Blue- not close
Green- diagonal from that position
Yellow- directly to the right/left, or top/bottom
Red- the spot

Migatte no Gogeta says:

Ok wow that scene got me hard a little bit



loopguru66 says:

Its called being a masseuse! I still think this game was just fan service with its bs Sailor Moon theme

Phil says:

oh god that scene XD

daniel zuk says:

How do you enjoy your massage Suzy??

L BS says:

leblanc’s moans are…

One Eco says:

This section of the game is hilarious x’D

jokerz717 says:

I’ve never played this game

Elinnet C says:

Haha that part was hilarious! another great episode <3

jae an says:

notice me senpai! im trying to help u out cause im further ahead. i left instructions on this back massage last video. ill try and put more for ur later troubles. i dont blame u for not noticing. you missed out on an item that halfs the mp spending during battle because u did the massage wrong the first time around…

michael chung says:

So did you finish oaka’s debt at the end?

Elinnet C says:

Btw Suzy, You need to put dresspheres on the garment grids so you can use them.

Novad selir says:

You know exactly why I watched this…. nostalgia

Littlebigdans Gaming channel says:

Enter comment about Suzy lu being sexiest here

Tong Yoon says:

The Fan service is real LMAO

Yann Dardanne says:

8:44 Maester Sem** xD

Israel Chavez says:

You can’t use the garment grids that you have obtained because you haven’t assigned any dresspheres to any of them. Garment grids need dresspheres & vice versa. Basic 101

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