Let’s take a look at Epic Tavern Gameplay. A management game all about a tavern and adventurers. Let’s Play!

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Epic Tavern is a fantasy-management-RPG where you rule the land from your Tavern. Recruit heroes, send them on quests, and reap the rewards! Build a legendary Tavern to attract Heroes from every corner of a dangerous and magical world. Let’s Play Epic Tavern!

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blood says:


Amelia Scardo says:

Please do Mr.Falcon. May I have some more?
This game looks super interesting.

Arturo Gallegos says:

Let me get a shoutout

# duddut says:

How can u do an english-russian accsent

Stones96 plays says:

I’m guessing this a steam game not android .

kassio diel says:

do it more!

Ahmad idheileh says:

And I thought falcon will have booze everywhere

Dosily Smith says:

this looks very familiar

Killaim says:


The Playlist TV says:

Hey falcon why are ya not trying modern combat versus is free and mobile for iOS and android is a shooter game and you shoot automatic

NuKe SPeeDY says:

The voice he did for the cutscene sounded awesome

Tripp Harris says:

Interesting game mechanics could get used to it



Emil Lindström says:

Thx bro for saying what is goigod everybody! love u!!!

vaknyuszi says:

20 euros????

Gamer Shanni says:

I bet I can make yourll say blue

drk dragn says:

do 900000000000000000000 more please 😀

Rafał Dunaj says:

there is a game like this even for mobile checkit out its called soda dungeon

Aндрей Бойко says:

I Will be first to create a first comment that dont says “first”… Wait…

Cheonging101 says:

That’s weird! My Tutorial playthrough kept having one of my members dying! Just how many different outcomes did the devs make just for the tutorial alone?!

Geeky Wizard says:

Play Monster Super League. Plzzzzz

Soren I says:

Can u play more?

Andy Bondy says:

I thought that falcon was talking in intro

NuKe SPeeDY says:

Hey falcon do you have certain days you upload content or is it just whenever

Andres Meyer says:

Looks interesting.

Vibes says:

So happy im subscribed to you:)

Aman Preet says:

where is next day falcon……plz bring it

Yuri Cunha Coelho says:

Are you enjoying the game?

TaurusX Films says:

If you’re reading this have a great day! Ps:Check out ma channel

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