PlayStation Experience 2015 PSX Full Conference Event Final Fantasy 7 Gameplay VII Remake

PlayStation Experience 2015 Live! PSX Full Conference Event Presentation Final Fantasy 7 Gameplay
Will there be The Last Guardian Gameplay?
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SuperBrianBellos says:

I bet that Crash Bandicoot is coming back. Whether a Remake or a whole new game…he’s coming back without a doubt. I bet $10.

lewis MontanA says:

playstaion retards getting excited about this! !!! THIS IS FOR THE PLAYERS LOL

Harambe says:

Naughty Dog are the Greatest !!!!

sara hujik says:

we had to petition for games to stay at 60! ea raise it to 60 from 50 when ps3 and 360 hit!

Bas Saliu says:

Sony should rename Sony Computer Entertainment to Playstation Global Inc. to fit the most powerful gaming console brand in the World…Anyway this is Great!

gagongflip389 says:

I really want them to make another savage moon game. I really love that tower defense game. I guess guns up looks like a great game.

HuddledEragon says:

That guy sounds like Mandark.

HM 10 says:

日本人として誇りに思います( `・ω・´)

Chevifier says:

whoever is in the background of 1:46:13 sound like there having an orgasm

Johnny The Fifth says:

Is it just me or does Shawn Layden looks like President Snow from the Hunger Games 0.o

Tapioca Star says:

sub just because you posted this. thumbs up bruh

Franco Sabatini says:

nulle à chier cette conférence. C’est pas demain la veille que j’achèterai un 3ème jeu sur la ps4.

19HajimeSaitou91 says:

The actual show is here: 23:52 — 26:54

Lstormborn says:

29:07 anyone know the name of the song playing?

Semi AutoHammer says:

After everything we’ve been through with Ratchet and clank they’re restarting the series? What the heck? I was ready to take them on their next adventure with established history. God I would have loved a story about Ratchets home world, maybe a civil war or something and an attempt to unlock clanks true potential as a war machine or something. This is just insulting.

sara hujik says:

why are you guys bitching about the sony games. can you imagine playing only Microsoft games? ea and micro would team up and raise buying of core games that’s no dlc at all for 70 to 90 dollars. ea once said we are working very hard we had to petition to make sure it stays at y0. we had to petition! so stop your gripes and enjoy gaming! all I see are annoyed little boys and girls who want the same bullshyt shooters every year. I’m with sony for something different and pc is a platform not a console! let’s all enjoy the games shall we? also get involved more in kickstarters!

Taiv says:

Am I the only one that thought Nioh is Onimusha.

EcchiRevenge says:

Rather fitting that the video for “Play Station Experience” is only in 30fps.

UMPiCK1 says:

Death’s Gambit and Hob look great can’t wait.

The Theme says:


Sir Caco D. Mon says:

Oh my God, the freaking Ace Combat guy in the audience roflmaooooooooooooo

NateDiaz Shakur says:


BlackWinchester says:

24:53 FFVII Remake gameplay trailer

Solid Snake says:

Square! Square! Square!


Ayyyyye I was shown in this !!!!

formanbradley says:

There was so much announced I can’t even remember half of what I just saw… and not because it wasn’t interesting

Facundo Ruiz says:

1:46:00 that guy is going to die or something? lol

Tyreak Roberts says:

is the naruto storm 4 displayed here

sara hujik says:

I liked alot of these

Mike A says:


Alexander Golmen Berg says:

FF7 starts at 23:50’ish

Harambe says:

before you watch this video just be aware!! Sony have won the console war END OF!!!

AnythingFPS says:

1:00:29 LOL

Chokoloco says:

LOL The awesome FF7Remake trailer was followed by a Call of Duty conferance…
Oh, I see, they wanted to give people to calm down after what they just watched with something people can not worry missing 😉

Mudassar Iqbal says:

I no longer care about anything else, besides maybe uncharted, after hearing about yakuza zero. I was sure it was never coming to the west and preordered yakuza 5 thing sadly that it would be my last experience with the series. I initially had an Xbox but switched only for uncharted, yakuza, and infamous and I am happy I did. love sony!!!

Chibified Shipper says:

is no no kuni on here? when?

koban4max says:

people’s facial reactions were stupid LMAO…bunch of dog faced motherfuckers LOL.

Average Game Joe says:

what song starts playing at 29:09 to introduce the woman talking about Black Ops 3?

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