Outward’s Open-World RPG Makes You A Nobody…and Treats You Like It

In Ninedot’s unique fantasy roleplaying game you’re not the Chosen One, you’re just a normal person trying to survive the world, and it’s really enjoyable to be a nobody.

Outward: Take a Backpacking Tour of its Fantasy World:

Outward Gameplay Overview Trailer:

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GAME REVIEWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCJmeQyJk1E&list=PLraFbwCoisJBTl0oXn8UoUam5HXWUZ7ES&t=0s&index=2
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Сударь Вац says:

Я джва года хочу такую игру

jkun says:

Finally. A modern rpg that seems to understand what being an rpg is all about.

Hadee Alviar Abu Zahra says:

1:53 wow he completely messed up the character references

Felipe Araujo says:

You lost me at survival

Jet Fury says:


Jerry M.C. says:

i’m down. thanks for the video. any idea on price yet?

Moose Moose says:

i want a freakin loot grind. where are the loot grind games.

Edgard Ngalissamy says:

Another open-world survival RPG.

Okay, well this is for sure gonna be successful like the millions of other games of its kind…

Sebastian says:

Tried watching the video but the two guys are annoying, sound like fakes overly excited at little stuff

Justine Quiamco says:

Basically, Kenshi.

Logen M says:

This game can work if it has smart mechanics to go with its realism. If not it’s may become a partial chore and leave people divided like some of the gameplay mechanics did in red dead redemption 2.

Hairs M says:

So not only am I in debt in real life now I got people chasing me in a video game because I owe them money?!

Simple GR says:

looks cool … but it feels empty .. like 9 monsters in every map …hope i am rong !

circlehousePRO says:

All these games where u gotta make urself and I’m sitting irl losing hard af

Logen M says:

What do you mean realistic? Can I still use magic?

Heisenberg Blue says:

You’re a common nobody in Kingdom Come Deliverance also.

Matt Richards says:

Sounds a little TOO real.

jacob berkeley says:

Weapon degradation, encumberment, survival mechanics. This game sounds like a massive chore.

That Guy says:

me: “hey come over let’s have an adventure tonight”
girl from next door: MOM!!!!!!!!

Webbie says:

combat looks really stiff and clunky

The_Smallville_Mailbox says:

I’m already a nobody in real life, if a game makes me feel the same way, I think I’ll just go to sleep lmao

C LaF says:

This looks like another empty game.

Baraz says:

Sounds hard as hell. Which might encourage coop…

Lord Luke Lightbringer says:

Are there mounts in the game

Cass Zhang says:

But I want to be dragonborn

xNicoMx says:

HEY YOU follow me on twitch, Im poor and lonely haha https://www.twitch.tv/xnicomx

Kenshigo says:

funny how he just repeats everything the trailer said to repeat the game, great journalism again, IGN 10/10!

dragonhold4 says:

I hope for a resurgence of games like these (ie: Kingdom Come)
The option to eventually roleplay as a superhero should always there.
It is a little harder to relate with the world where all of it is just a static backdrop that has no actual effects on our avatar and the characters around them.

Geralt of Rivia says:

Well, I already am a nobody with a lot of debits… so it will be very immersive

Tom Morgan says:

Way to make a fantasy RPG boring.

flippingnational says:

Don’t eat carnivore meat. It’ll make you sick

bunnyfreakz says:

I want it on Epic Store.

Said no one ever.

Senor Sleepy says:

Kinda like kingdom come deliverance with fantasy

Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT says:

The crafting reminds me alot of Ultima online

Swapnil Sinha says:

At first I thought it was an Nintendo exclusive…lol

SaveCorrupt says:

Awesome, I’ve always wanted a game where I haven’t just randomly inherited such a great title or have a prophecy about me, but have to earn my way to the top. Cannot wait 😀

Mr P says:

Didn’t Kingdom Come already do this?

Coleman Larsen says:

Could this game potentially be cross-platform? if you notice the buttons on the top and bottom screens are for PS4 and then for Xbox.

me thatguy says:

Looks like an amazing idea, the only thing that I’ve seen that worries me is the combat, look at the guy in the thumbnail, looks a little awkward if you ask me. I know combat isn’t everything but fun combat is a big deal to me.

Zeter Zero says:

Dark Scrolls of the Wild?

Breath of the Elder Souls?

Either way, I’m hype.

SloppyCovers Ph says:

woah! sounds like the perfect game for me!

Turbo says:

Sounds pretty lit

Anton Kravets says:

Dark souls of rpgs?

Gareth Sheals says:

I down until I heard that voice acting… OG Fable game had better voice acting… this is indie obviously but still.

JR Messina says:

So everything fallout should have been lol
Can’t wait to play this.

Bloodthirstier says:

Any details on the classes? Can you be a ranger with like an animal companion?

Jakkishen says:

Great that you dont link to their website…

MrKimonster12 says:

Nah fam, it seems interestin at first. But no way i wanna keep playin somethin like that. I already hate tedious games as it is.

Maximillion Roivas says:

Can’t wait to play this game. There needs to be more split-screen RPG games.

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