Outward: Take a Backpacking Tour of its Fantasy World

The developers of the medieval fantasy RPG Outward take you on a tour of the world of Aurai and explain the gameplay importance of the backpack during your travels.

Outward Gameplay Overview Trailer:

Outward – Official PAX West 2016 Trailer:

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Wallace Rigby says:

I want to carry a ladder in my backpack.

Northlord 1 says:

This game looks amazing! Hopefully a game that doesn’t hold your hand. Even maybe a nice death penalty.

Son Goku says:

Throw in some 4 player co op and I’m sold.

Syuna says:

Wow this has more gameplay then death stranding

Wyatt River says:

Interesting ideas and concepts. Needs about another year of polish.

Wigglez says:

I was sold until the map… if they do that then it’s fine but they HAVE to nail it. No one will be bothered to play if it’s a gigantic nearly empty area with a couole land marks which means you don’t have enough information to find where you are or if you can’t tell where you are because everything looks the same. Apart from that it looks fairly promising

FRONK says:

Did you guys know this game have backpacks!

Alexandr Mk says:

Dark souls survival

MegaTyler93 says:

This looks very interesting. Is it an MMO? (I really really hope not.)

Saturday Morning Gaming says:

It’s seemed like it might be interesting until the whole part about there being no compass and the map doesn’t show you where you are. Hard Pass

Isaiah Robinson says:

The devil and his angels has more power then PlayStation and Sony for all ETERNITY.

Christian Carrasquillo says:

Not a fan of the map mechanic or lack there of, but still curious about the game.

Unknown User says:

Maybe take your pack off while fighting.

Alessandro Protase says:

Does someone know if there are boss fights?

Fusion Replays says:

Btw Im SÜBING To anyone who likes this & SÜB TO ME! 😉

Khandakar Hasan says:

Seems tedious af

G Lee says:

Fallout new Vegas reskine anyone?

randomnoob says:

I don’t want to compare but… dark souls much?

BaysOfPirate says:

https://youtu.be/E8GgMP_xw5Q watch far cry 5 outpost liberation in a stealth manner

pandamarc says:

Looks promising

Evil Roy Slade says:

I like that map idea, I used a mod for Skyrim that did the exact same thing.

Nahuel zagfor says:

I really REALLY like their mindset and ideas, even if the execution is not perfect I’m gonna buy this game to support what they bring to the industry. I would love this kind of developers to have more money and time to execute their vision of gaming.

MeDo Zam says:

is this a single player game or an mmorpg ??


So you’re not reviewing Ace Combat 7? How deep you have fallen IGN.

Stayler17 says:

Looks cool

king Crafter says:


Notekin says:

Having one or more npc companions would be nice

Mr. DemDem says:

If this will be mmorpg, or atleast 16-players per instance, i’m sold.

Sterling Archer says:

this is gonna be a massive flop. looks totally unpolished

DavexDurham Uk says:

Is this going to be multiplayer? It seems like the kind of game that would benefit from 4 player or so multiplayer. Massively multiplayer would probably kill it though

The Ethical Pixel says:

Very optimistic on this one
hopefully it delivers

Hadee Alviar Abu Zahra says:

Should’ve been called backpack simulator

Dih says:

Looks like a 2013 game…

Seventy Monocle says:

This is the Dark Souls of school supplies

Raymond Shades says:

the music gave me Diablo 2 vibes. the gameplay gave me watered down, low budget, WoW vibes

Print Dog says:

That map not telling you where you are thing should definitely be optional…

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