OMG A CACTUAR, KUPO!! | Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy Crossover Gameplay

Welcome to Monster Hunter World gameplay for the PS4. This is the first Monster Hunter game I’ve ever played so expect a lot of learning. In this series of Monster Hunter World I will show all cutscenes, all quests, give a review and the Monster Hunter World Ending.

What is Monster Hunter World?
Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing video game in development and to be published by Capcom, and is the sixth primary title in their Monster Hunter franchise. The game was announced at Sony’s E3 2017 conference, and is currently scheduled for a simultaneous worldwide release in January 2018.

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Giant Turtle Cat says:

*Sniff* You got so good at MH so fast * Sniff Sniff*
*Watches as she destroys Crystal Kulu*


N7 Tigger says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a mini freak out at the chocobo theme.

Dodo Rex says:

I see the intro and I think well your dead no your dead torched roasted mashed fried dragon element burnt to a crisp no hope dead in the water

Khalid Khattak Usman says:


alex Miracle says:

Suzy u r amazing Youtuber ever

Alex Weber says:

I know this is 4 months old but I just tried to kill him the other day and his one shot mechanic is so overpowered!! That combined with his unpredictable movement!!

ShopKeep Magolor says:


Barroth: *hey, I heard some screaming, is everything alright here?*

berserker guts says:

what weapons are those? 0___0

adrenalineboyzryan says:

I really liked this update! The armor you get not only looks good, but is actually pretty dam good! Make sure you get some friends for the Behemoth fight so you can assign people to the key roles to ensure you beat him. The Behemoth fight is pretty fun, but I actually hated the Kulu fight as he was just annoying LOL

hulkenstrong says:

This aint Spyro, so Iam out!

Metha says:

I try solo the Behemoth too, then I failed horribly. So I try it with randos, then I failed even more horribly.

MH Fanboy says:

You should stream this for behemoth

Jimmy Mai says:

oh nice suzy

Myszoskoczek says:

Weapon name ?

ChainL!nkz says:

FF14 will be your biggest pride and joy if you’e a true FF fan 😛

Dooma Wolfsvain says:

When will someone upload the final fantasy version of them taking down the rathalos?? That’s what I’m really waiting for

Sly Cactus says:

You’ll never catch me! ;D

Hersheynut ESTRADA says:

I just beat the kupo-ya-ku as I like to call him

ShopKeep Magolor says:

Dialblos: time to eat my cactus field…

*Cactuars scatter everywhere*

Dialblos: *THE FUCK!?*

Tronix says:

“look at the birds eating him that weird” You know thats always been the case right? Lol yeah it’s been a while

Avalon 784 says:



Giant Turtle Cat says:


edilions says:

you are so funny love the reactions xD subscribed

Brandon Cobb says:

Moogles have always been like that though, where only certain people can see them.
FFXIV had an event where you deal with a King Moogle who is attacking people in the forest with his forces, but most of those getting attacked apparently only see floating weapons since they can’t see the Moogles using them.

Pablo Quirós says:

Seeing you so happy makes me so happy! True joy!

A.J. Cook says:

It’s a FFXIV Stormblood Online x monster hunter online crossover u need to look into FFXIV stormblood Online game

ael B says:

“It is only lvl 6 i will do it myself”
Have 70%hp got one shot by a chicken dino with a crystal

Jared's TV says:

I kinda hate final fantasy i dont care to the update

Earendur Von Einzbern says:

You’re pretty good!

seenoahart says:

Hey Suz. I’m glad that you went back to singing “Monster Hunter World” lol. Love your work too Sweets!

Angel Garcilazo says:

Nice video love the music

Jyharri Arowdur says:

Nobody is riding THAT chocobo xD

alex colt says:

i hate final fantasy just never really understood why it exists kinda boring although i did play ten and ten 2 mainly coz i really like rikku but still dont like fantasy only here coz its you

Robert Willmott says:

That was flipping epic hun u made my day xx

Soirtemeht says:

My cat turned into a moogle it was amazing….

Zachary Anderson says:

Use your net on them!!!!!!!

Crazy Dave says:

Kulu is the evil chocobo! Ya-ku with that?

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