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lol gamer_YT says:

don’t stay at night to a zone because same kind of boss will appear

GoldRaider97 Gaming says:

I got attacked by a boss at night in my base WTF LOL.

Android Fezk says:

Doom ..there is a throw up button in grim soul

Sea Monster says:

Is it on iOS? Please answer

Lucas Billiter says:

Will they be adding on stuff too?

Gorasu says:

I was waiting for the stream today…

Tripex says:

sick graphics D:

Enrico Miguel Tamayo Remo says:

Doomeris why my game is invisible?

Robo Chop says:

Another one like last day on earth

Andrew Sheehan says:

Saw this last night. For a beta 1.0 it feels really polished all ready. It’s funny how these clones of LDOE are becoming better then original game. I love it. Seeing games do this makes me think that LDOE is just being lazy of putting features into the game while clones of it can do it no problem. lol

Jansen Trixah says:

Lol i got incredibly spooked by something called Night Guest at lvl1 pine woods at night. Lol and more lol.

undefeated gaming says:

I think this game is AWESOME

#master_gamer noch_am_gamen says:

Have you See the night op mob

X D says:

Is the dungeon key in the game ?


Is there no light?

RedZaku Char says:

This is must be the first game can cross the river

Leandra Oropeza says:

if you eat too much raw meat u have to puke.

Jiri Mikulica says:

Looks copy last day on earth with same engine recipes and interface but another graphics

Marius Gamer says:

In this are demons

Julian Lupian says:

Livestream this

Nicolas Vega says:

This game is pretty good

vigilantes187 says:

Leepers and crous lol

nekros prime says:

Looks promising

Wolfiplier says:

It’s crows as in you pronounce crowbar. Just saying.
But the game is cool nonetheless!

Stormo Ninja says:

The dark souls of LDOE

Anime Lover says:

Please make another video as soon as possible i want to see more gameplay in order to see if i am gonna start playing it

Wither Smack says:

Hey Doomeris , multiplayer out in this?

gamer Davidx9 says:


#master_gamer noch_am_gamen says:

Are you Streaming this game

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