NEW Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Reactions & Thoughts (Stream Highlight)

Title says it all. Enjoy over 50 minutes of new Final Fantasy XV footage as I provide my first impressions and reactions. Recorded live on Twitch. Thanks for watching!

Looking forward to Final Fantasy XV? Join us on Twitch for Final Fantasy Count Up! We’re playing through all the main-numbered single player Final Fantasy games leading up to 15, with a few bonus titles along the way.

Also be sure to check the playlist for demo gameplay!

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This video contains my own editing and commentary and is for educational purposes.


Nick E says:

i like how perceptive u are on the fly. That’s some good multi tasking and awareness to notice that many details while communicating at the same time

Son Of Destruction says:

did you really have to read every word of the dialogue out loud?

E.T. Gaming says:

Noctis looking like he’s ready to go play some pokemon go with that outfit xD

Zwei says:

didn’t look like Ifrit, it look more Hades, since Hades is always seen on a throne

mikedudez says:

jesus the graphics look spectacularly TERRIBLE !!!! its like a very unpolished pre uncharted 1 game. something that would have come out during ps3 launch. i can only hope for you fan boys that this is just a beta. other wise i dont see why every one who sees this game at shows are wowed.

Fate Audax says:

Hey Mr.Happy, aren’t u going to do any theory videos?

Elinu Euphoria says:

As much as I love your commentary Mrhappy, were can I find video with out it? I’ve try looking but I haven’t been able to find this footage.

tonerton says:

that’s not Ifrit, he looks lot more like Chaos.

星空凜 says:

Love this game \(^o^)/

Xiamaiya Henson says:


Viking Gaming says:

how do you only have 100k subs while some anorexic bitch has 2.4mil?? the world has gone mad. keep up the good work sir

Hayate Mishima says:

Thanks for the upload Mrhappy. Very enjoyable to watch.. Wicked cool menu music at 6:33

Vayne Ryu says:

wasnt the one in the begining Chaos?

Raga Teguh says:

already seen kingsglave, and this make sanse 😀

Strider-Ragnarok says:

I can say that the game gonna be amazing, fucking seriously.

rhtje w says:

16. 52 you say a new demo is coming……. what do you mean playable like episode duscae or …….?

Vulpixie says:

Gladio’s butt. O.O

Yuumin says:

13 tombs = knights of the round

Jack Hooper says:

Game looks really great can’t wait for it!

David Yeakle says:

This looks a thousand times worse than I ever imagined. Final Fantasy is dead. That is NOT Final Fantasy!

dialingdust says:

dammit I don’t want to wait till November to play this game.

Arian Gaming says:

alot of people are saying it is revus and not ifrit. i wish it was ifrit and a astral trial but when you pause and zoom in resembles ravus.

iWolfz says:

glamour, the real end game. That part at the beginning must be the top tier glamour

Neon Genesis says:

Hey Haps, after watching this along side with your thoughts I have to say I’m really Impressed. As you mentioned in your confirmed FFXV Delayed Video, I don’t expect it to be amazing, and to be able to say it’s 8/10 but be ideal, but so far I have to say it’s looking really good. I’ve strayed away from getting to hyped for FFXV and I’ve only played the FFXV Demo that came out with Type-0.
I know in your Mondays /w Mrhappy you don’t like “here’s my opinion” or “What do you think to my idea” Comments but hopefully you’ll have a read of my comment or opinion to this game. I’ll section it up so it’s some-what organised.


As expected the gameplay is phenomenal along with the voice acting an character designs, as we saw in the demo’s that have been released. I’m a die hard fan of the Final Fantasy Franchise so to see games losing the “Turn based style battles” Like FF7 an the like, It’s really interested to see how much this will feel like Final Fantasy, though I have to say, this is looking really good, and can see myself enjoying this greatly.


Having done no research on this game what so ever, other than looking up the characters an of course playing the demo, the features to this game are actually looking fun, ie Chocobo racing, Fishing (Which I never expected) and even the glamour system on the chocobos was awesome and to see chocobos even able to swim was so satisfying (Will they be able to fly? Who knows!)

I also love the smaller details like, having to be careful when climbing as shown here 50:20, really gives a huge change to the old school FF Games!

Menu system~

Overall really impressed, and I love that gear makes your character looks different (though Noctis’ cap look was.. LOL! Still good to see though). As you mentioned, in the video, the map looks impressively large and that’s going to play a big part in the game when it comes to exploring all the zones we’ll come across, this is something that makes this game Final Fantasy.
I really like the look of the AP System, It does some-what remind me of the sphere grid almost from FFX, I was a fan of the sphere grid, but I’m glad it’s not entirely the same.
Speaking of similarities, be able to do Hunts like in FFXII is awesome too, it’s almost like SE are bringing back a little bit of everything from the other FF’s an throwing them into one game, which, I’d say I’m pleased with. Though, I would love to see if FFXV would have any good features of it’s own, but, I guess time will tell.

These are just some of my thoughts on the game, I thank you or anyone else who’s read this. This is of course my own opinion an my own feel to the game. Will I be getting it? Hell yes! Do I think the wait will be worth it? I’m not 100% confident, but, I hope so. I still have more I could say, but resulting in someone not wanting to read such a long comment I’ll leave it there.

Cheers Mrhappy, or anyone else having the time to read this. 🙂

Jack King says:

I like that the outfits changed their HP. Meaning they give stats.

TheBigStinkers says:

Wait there’s a new demo coming out?! PLEASE ELABORATE or provide a link.

Omar Abdullah says:

you are so boring

dreamyrobot says:

I heard you say something about a demo early in the vid. Is there going to be a third one?

Jack johnson says:

Do i need to play the previous games in order to play FFXV? seems like this franchise has a complicated deep story and im really interested in it but i just don’t have the time to play all those 14 previous installments so can i just skip them and jump straight to FF15?

Jace F says:

This was covered already by other people 5 days ago… You are late dude.

Ronald Cooper says:

Just thought I’d point out, when you noticed Noctis getting elements from his defeated enemies was because of the Engine Sword. If you pause it when he’s changing weapons, you can see in the description it obsorbs elemental essence, so if you’re farming for elements that’s the weapon to use it seems.

Tom Gone Wrong says:

this game looks fucking wonderful. I cant wait. 🙂

Nishanth Shetty says:

Why are people hating on the game? I’m just curious because it is already known that the game is delayed to be polished up. Thus, I don’t see a reason to hate on the game. :

Chris Trujillo says:

You know.. i was never completely sold on this game… until now. Holy balls was that a good showing. Everything i had gripes about was fixed and polished. It looked so smooth and so much better! I can not wait to play this game!

Gordon Freemason says:

Really hope this ends up being good!

Mario Irving says:

Such a me gusto game.. just a few more months *sadface*

Artimes X says:

The prologue was cut pretty short, there is alot more additional gameplay and CGI not revealed.

Richie RK says:

They changed the opening from a nice wet grasslands with a behemoth to a desert? Still looks pretty awesome though!

ScrewFearMe says:

Is Prompto like Edgar in ff6? because both autocrossbow and bioblaster were edgars moves

Ian Marshall says:

Is it me or does Cid sound like Cedric from dark cloud 2/ dark chronicle. Also now that the game is coming out after October does that mean it’ll have a neo mode, as sony have stated any new game from October has to ship with that mode?

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